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29 Aug 2008
22 Sep 2011


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iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Pop Rock

CY_BER_ROCK Computer Nhanced/FX produced songs with streamlined vocals using mind expanding lyrics... entertaining listeners 2 a new level of rock apreciation.... Austn, a Alternative/Ndie music Rtist that has often been accused of being an "electric" SLAYER, sprinkling Bowie's Ziggy stardust over Beatles tracks that were run thru a MUSE synthersizer while adding a little RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS on top for spicyness...(ie...Zappa, Tubes, Doors, the Cars, the Killers etc...) Or as one fans e-mailed, " 60's psychedelic rock with a modern, new age, cutting edge synthesized sound , laiden with thought provoking lyriX..." A Solo-Artist from the Seattle area, born-n-raised N Kansas-Colorado, grew up as a teenager N Bothell, just north of the Seattle area N the Great Pacific Northwest. A songwriter/producer/ performer who has played with/N many bands previously- Oz, Emotion, Dave and the Waves. The guitar has always been his main instrument but playZ anything he doesn't have to blow into and enjoy experimenting with sounds, ideas, and waves. These are works from the CDs- "GREY","FACE THE MUSIC","PSOARIASIS","CY_BER_ROCK", "VOIZZZ"and just released "E~TER~NI~TY" ... Reviews for songs are available here, downloads R available at i-tunes, mp3tunes, MSN, yahoo, AOL, and all the usual outlets...Please enjoy these CD's and feel free 2 critique and/or comment on these works to any e-mails, as Austn needZ any and all of your thoughts, suggestions, and vibes! All instruments, synths, waves, and vocals are AUSTN. copyright-April 2004 AUSTN enterprises,inc...