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Member - Zay the real deal (Singer/Songwriter)

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10 Dec 2008
10 Dec 2008


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Zay the real deal

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Gangsta Rap

Originally from Roselle New Jersey.Started out at age 13 it was around 03 wen I found this tape recorder that recorded i was spittin on a lil tape recorder with my lil partner B-man finding and makin our own beats with our hands.and thatz when it all began. My original name was Masta Mind but after a while the name got a lil tiring and I grew out of it. I needed something simple. Some thing more real so I chose Zay The real deal. Me and my homie B-man started this Chain Gang shit. He kinda fell off I dont think he wanted this dream more than i did.Then some fellow friends of mine in school decided to make a group when they found out that i could rap. The group was called the 5 star kings. But I still repped chain gang even then.But we never could actually get studio time cuz we were to busy plannin other things that never got done.Then a year later i met a dude by the name of G-box. He had his own one man crew and I figured it'd only be right to join up wit him. We called ourselves Homicide. I still repped chain gang though. 3 fingers up to the sky ya dig!? Then he made his own solute. This one was 2 so I threw up both of em. which eventually led to the group being named Homicidechaingang. But alot of people thought the name was too violent so itz back to being chain gang. and we still recording shit to this day.Plus I am linked with another group called Black Attire with Tha Boss aka Bmafia. Who woulda ever thought chain gang would make it this far. Its been 5 years since Me and B-man made the group. And itz still goin strong!contact me if you got a track fa me


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