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14 Apr 2009
26 Mar 2010


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Yung Polaris

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: East Coast Hip Hop

Yung Polaris was born in Hamilton, Oh near Cincinnati. He has family all over the state of Ohio. He moved to the tough streets of Rockford, Illinois near Chicago. He moved all around Rockford. Polaris did not have a pleasent life. Hip hop was his way of escaping Reality. Polaris moved to rough Bronx, N.Y. at the age of 8. He had big dreams of rapping. He listened to Bow Wow (Lil Bow Wow at the time) as a major influence. Since moving to NY, he had dreams of rapping. He always asked his parents to get him into show business. He always freestyled in the shower as a kid. He always dreamed of being the best rapper alive He wrote minnature raps in the 6th grade. Polaris used to rap to girls in 6th grade as he way of picking up the ladies. He battled many kids in his class and oviously won. In 7th grade, Laris always freestyled on the train. Most of his raps were gospel. Yung Polaris is the the great nephew of legendary gospel singer Charles Fold. In the 8th grade, Polaris started writing raps for a girl named Joselin. His hooks were sick. Polaris then started to write more serious raps. Polaris' songs are much better than his freestyles. In 2007, he founded the label K.M.S. records. His partner MJP or The Sueno is part of KMS. Yung Polaris calls himself the Urban Legend because he overcame many obsticles. Kay Will: The other side of Polaris. Well just picture T.I. Vs. T.I.P. Polaris was a name given for his efforts to try and shine despite any obsticles and to always try to come up on top. Polaris is a fly money boy who raps about anything he thinks of. On Dec. 24, 2008, Polaris lost his father who was trying to save three of his cousins from drowning in the dangerous waters of Limon, Costa Rica. This sparked the meaning of K.M.S. and Sueno named Kenneth L. Campbell (Polaris' father) as the father of K.M.S. "Heros Dont Die" is a combination of three pieces of lyrics dedicated to Campbell, one of which Polaris recited at the funeral. Polaris is now working on a mixtape which the last song on the album (Greatness) is dedicated to his father. Look out for Polaris as he is the next generation of Hip-Hop ..