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26 Aug 2009
10 Sep 2009


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iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Midwest Hip Hop

Young Bang is in every sense of the word SPECIAL.Born Dewayne Johnson Jr, Bang was destined to be a hip hop great. Bang first picked up a mic at the precious age of 2 but, however he never took it serious until he met Young Ace in 2006. Young Ace then looked after an guided Bang to greatness showing and teaching him the in & outs of rap. Through Ace Bang met fellow rappers, Young Trife,Keez,Ravage,Rob Skey,Korn,Virgo,TY,and Illest. At the tender age of 17 young bang is currently trying to hold his weight in a group full of fully qualified and tested men. Upon being asked how he felt being the youngest rapper in his group he simply responded "Music speaks for itself", he then added "Age only represents when you where born,Not how talented you are".Now living in muncie rapping with JuiceMan young bang still gives all credit to Gang Green his group in Cincinnati.When asked about how he felt about being distant from the rest of his group he replied "Its the Gang to the death of me,aint shit changed but the area code".Young Bang is truly remarkable to say the least with the releases of promotionaly used only "wats good, g5(hollwood hollyhood), and its me" his popularity has become very wide-spread.Bang is currently preparing for an august release of his mixtape "Welcome ta HB".Bang is in many pairs of eyes more than ready to step up to the plate with his older group.To view his personal profile the url is