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17 Mar 2009
15 Apr 2009


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Write Twice Enterpraisement

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Write twice enterPRAISEment is a Christian production company that are here to meet the entertainment needs of Christian men and women of all ages. In doing this we will create another alternative for Christian people who want to be entertained and not have to compromise their faith in addition to also show there is another way to those who are not believers. We will do this by putting on concerts, plays, gospel music, songwriting, TV shows movies, etc. This is more than just a show itís a ministry. There are several sources of our inspiration but the main source is the world that we live in. our society can be very persuasive. Whatever entertains you can restrain you. The world displays the glitz and the glamour but at what expense. This is the first question that sparked a flame. God gave us a vision to take this tool and utilize it for his kingdom. He has gifted us with many talents and with them we are going to make a powerful impact for his glory. We will meet your entertainment needs in any way possible. Based on biblical principles we will not deviate from what we were taught. The gospel of Christ will be a major part of our message. We believe that what you expose yourself to can have a major impact on your future. It can either make you or break you. What we do is our passion and our prayer is that it will compel many to the things god. God is so wonderful and serving him is a pleasure and this pleasure ought not to be kept within the four walls of our homes and churches. Together, we could spread it and together we will. We pray that our services will be a blessing to you.