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Member - Wendy Darling (Band who writes own material)

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Wendy Darling

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Wendy Darling are a young San Francisco-based indie outfit fronted by female vocalist and occasional mutli-instrumentalist, Cori Rush, a raw, stunning, 6’ tall talent with pipes to back up the look. Rush’s unique vocal stylings have been compared to the likes of Karen O, Kim Deal, Natalie Merchant, and Jenny Lewis just to name a few.

Formed in San Diego, this energetic band was originally visualized as an acoustic singer-songwriter duo of Rush and Nate Heller (guitar, vocals). They had an instant musical chemistry, and as they developed their sound, they realized the music deserved fuller arrangements. Cue high school buddies Jon Freeman (bass, synth) and Hector Verdugo (drums, piano), who’ve added playful melodies and that soulful indie sound.

2008 was the break out year for Wendy Darling, playing to packed venues throughout California, inking a record deal with Surfrock International in Japan, and reaching the top 50 on the international charts after the release of its debut album, “Half-Told Bedtime Stories…” which has received rave reviews, solid airplay, and loads of media coverage.

Wendy Darling has continued to fine-tune its style, incorporating more complex instrumentation (including banjo, glockenspiel, samplers and accordion), but have focused on keeping Rush's sultry, honey-dripped vocals the essence of the band. The resulting live shows are a blend of indie rock and folk, with touches of electronica and vintage psychedelic that delivers an exclusive style with catchy hooks. There is sincerity, innocence, and just the right amount of zest in the music that comes out of Wendy Darling. The band loves to share its music, and after listening to a track or two, you’ll most assuredly want to do the same.


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