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Member - Walking Naked Mary (Band who writes own material)

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05 Nov 2008
10 Apr 2009


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Walking Naked Mary

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

Two men and Mary,
an eternal triangle, both retro and modern in style.
WALKING NAKED MARY, formed at the end of 2007 didnít re invent the wheel, but with their powerful electro rock have developed a very distinguished and modern sound.

They are heavily influenced by the music of the 70ís and 80ís, but with an added portion of Old School Punk Rock, especially hidden in the lyrics. But they still manage to surprise their audience by throwing in ĎTypicalí pop ballads! And how the audience loves it! The MySpace Walking Naked Mary web site has proven very popular, with their songs being played over 500 000 times in the first six months of them going online. What is really noticeable is how the guys love performing live on stage, even motivating the most demanding of audiences. The guys are constantly writing and recording new songs, which they do in their little studio located in Hamburg Germany.

At the moment they are celebrating their next big step forwards, after the re location of the band in Hamburg and that is the release of their first album ĎConscriptsí (Stringkiller Records) in November 2008. This masterpiece of modern rock will be available on all download portals world wide, with a physical release to follow.
Walking Naked Mary is marching onward and upwards, especially due to their loyal fan bases in the USA, UK and Germany. Over the years the guys have or still work with countless other musicians, notably Abdoujaparov and iDou (Les Carter, AKA Fruit Bat from Carter USM), Warhead, John Hayes (Mothers Finest), Rozencrantz and Shizuko to name just a few.


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