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Member - vto the last prophet (Singer/Songwriter)

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02 Jun 2009
18 Jul 2009


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vto the last prophet

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Abstract Hip Hop

BIOGRAPHY OF:V.T.O."The Last Prophet"

The 25 year-old prophet/artist,father,songwriter and seif-proclaimed king of savannah whenever music is mentioned,which in he recently vowed to these claims in a interview with a local magazine last year saying"he feels he's the best in his city,Camoflauge was the pioneer for the seaport movement and i'm the king".He even goes on to encourage local artist or anybody to prove him wrong especially rappers on the main stream. Raised on the rugged westside of savannah,ga vto captured a early love for music at the age of only 9 years old where his first rhyme was written after a freestyle cipher on his neighborhood park of westlake.three years later he recorded his very first song in a local basement production studio owned by a good friend of the prophet named DJ Mooney.

The young vto grew up with three older siblings and his mother in a 3 room apartment on Savannah's westside.His music and the love he's always had for was enstilled by songs like "magic man",and ballads of frankie beverly and mayes,redemption songs from from the Legendary Bob Marley blarring out of his mothers speakers on any and most likely every night.The struggling family sometimes find the love they to keep the faith in that music.He even says when things got hard with mom working 2 jobs to provide for us we would find a song to sing to mom when she came home from work The first song they ever sang to her was al green.They would used get mops and brooms as microphones and made up routines for the main event,thank god a star was born in that very living room.

With the help of grandmother Delores Jivens and a lot of other early influences vto was raised up old-fashioned and well taught.he learned alot of things from the "old heads"and the street vets.they always told him no matter how young you are you can do whatever you set your mind to do as long as you dont live for the world because the world wont care about you in the end.whenever you do your music speak with a purpose tell the world whats really going on out here and give em' the truth.

By the time he reach 12 years of age the type of music he loved to listen to was one from his favorite artits which was great Tupac Amaru Shakur an Snoop Doggy Dog when he got his taste of gin and juice and brenda's got a baby the true era of hip-hop the same era The Last Prophet vowes to bring back to the south and from the south to every radio,computer,car stereo,ipod,cellphone,or memory who loves true music.
At age 15 he got his shot in a top knotch studio far away from the production he was used to.He became known as the golden goose after recording the called "thug life" with close friend and music partner Lethal.With thug life becoming so succesful for the young duo they were a force to be reconed with which gave birth to much hatred and jealousy.
The buzz had fueled the young becoming artist with exactly what he needed,now it's time i put it your face he starts entering freestyle battles with the determination to wreck anybody who would step to the mic.
Being the father of the 4year-old Cali Chisholm trains a young man with a old soul how to take exactly that and make his new swagg called being my own boss.His music has reach many ears in his hometown and soon all over the globe!!!



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