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Member - Villians Of Doom/G.S.C. Game Squad Click (Songwriter/Composer)

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11 Dec 2008
23 Jan 2009


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Villians Of Doom/G.S.C. Game Squad Click

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Abstract Hip Hop

Whatís Happening I was wondering if youíre looking for new talent. If so you have just found your missing keys. We are a group and we have 4 members. King Midas, Young M.V.P., Jigga Vice, and Phlocab. We are all from Louisiana But right now King Midas is back in Atl,Ga, we have 1 mix tape out called Game Squad- Game time just getting started vol.1 and we also have our 2nd mix tape that we recently finished and released in our local area called Were Back Welcome 2 Bunk-Town V.O.D. Gametime Vol. 2 itís like our alter egoís our trying to take over Like the T.I. vs. Tip or Cassidy with The Hustler vs. The Problem. The Villains Of Doom consist of The Riddler, The Joker, 2-Face, and Mr. Freeze. I admit our first mix tape we dropped bout 2 years ago do to new members coming old ones losing there dedication and lack off mobility to get to studio sessions, we didn't really push it except for in our local area you know first time around just getting to know how to self-promote. We hope that you are looking for new talent in the Louisiana area cause if you are well (STOP LOOKING WE RIGHT HERE). I mean weíre lyrically the best and we are only 18 years of age. We have been doing it well for about 4-5 years and we are just trying to make it. We are hungry and we could do it we just need an opportunity, exposure and someone behind us. We are young hot talent fully loaded and ready to go. Itís more than just making music to us itís what we were born to pursue. Thank You for your time.

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