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Member - Vanessa Jean Dedmon (Singer/Songwriter)

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05 Nov 2008
14 Aug 2009


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Vanessa Jean Dedmon

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It is very young, it is radiating beautifully and it has a voice to the kneel. Vanessa Jean Dedmon had already as a small girl the large dream: To become singer. And it had to be blessed not only the luck with a fantastic voice, but also with the imperturbable faith to also create it. It is from the material, from which star are made: talentiert, self-confidently, authentically and willful. None, which comes from the Girlie retort, but, at the beginning knows already completely, who it is and which wants it. It intends to belong to the completely large ones - that it can do that, could millions spectators with Germay Pop Idol experience. That it can do still much more, which wants to prove it now. Their voice does not sound like any different one, - it has this special, own quality, which does not only point itself to Balladen, but also in fresh UP speed numbers. At all it so freshly and merrily comes along, as it works sovereign with its appearances seriously and. That constitutes its attraction and its personality: Vanessa has many facets, dreamed about shy and girlful, over romantically and, tick head and schelmisch to along-feeling and deeply schillert it and knows completely reliably that she wants to be nothing different one, as it. To be authentic in its nature and acting and in their Songs, that is important to it. It has models, but it wants not to be like it, but like it. Since it sang the first time with twelve years before large public Karaoke, it has the support of its family. Success means for it also that it can make a more comfortable life for its family possible, even if it concerns at the beginning only that it worries as the youngest one about much at home. Their eyes shine, if them begin of it to speak, how important it is to be for others there to help, not the eyes to lock. Thus it engages itself also much for the relief organization "humans for children", whom uses itself world-wide for ill children. She loves music and hears at home everything of Xavier Naidoo to massive Attack, her loves family lives and does not want also for a career not without her own family to do.

Vanessa Jean Dedmon
Born: 28.04.1987


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