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I love the life
by  svetkooo
R&B/Funk - Experimental R&B
I love when my lunch is for free
I'm not of the bullnecked,decorated with gold,
I don't pretend and I'm not a big deal,
don't measure with me,I'm not a big deal,
I haven't loved for a long and I forgot to love,
I can't say to every bitch "My sweethearth".
I want so much to meet that girl that knows that
the guy in front of her has a soul.
For free today are given only the eyewashes,
Adults and children are at same level,
We open our mouths,reach out our hands for charity,
to be plyed with brans,like fowls.
We totally forgot about the good manners,
but we have to pay the bills,
What else you are gonna make up, I'm wondering
to be on top man, I'm wondering!

I love the life(and he loves me)

2.The fact that life is tough won't stop me,
I cast a careless glance at life's problems,
I keep on walking only only ahead
I'll always walk only only ahead,
I have no time to get angry of every ignorance,
I'm in a hurry to live, I have no time to hide,
that's why you hear now what I'm screaming to the world:
"I love the life, I love the life"
I love money,but and without it I'm fine,
When there is - there is,but if there isn't - I'm not gonna die
I go ahead and don't spend time
to feel sorry about myself,someone to comfort me
I'm pleased with life and i live with desire
outside - damn pleasure...
Keep you head up and things will work out
Everyone falls when he stumbles,rising up is what it matters!

I love the life(and he loves me)
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