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24 Nov 2008
27 Nov 2008


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Tony Gear

iZMO: R&B/Funk
Sub iZMO: Contemporary R&B

Ever since a young age, Tony Gear wanted to be a performer. Whether it be on the stage or a sports field, he has always felt comfortable in front of audiences.
Having completed a degree in Popular Music Performance at Vocaltech in 2007, where he honed his song writing and performance skills, he now hopes to perform further his career by entertaining regularly to a wider audience. Even though still only twenty three years old, the singer/songwriter from West London has shown maturity in his piano based song writing and his overall sound. On his song writing he commented ďI believe it is my parentsí taste that has shaped the songs I write. During my childhood my parents made me listen to artists from Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra to Simply Red and Fleetwood Mac. However as a teenager I chose to listen to nineties soul like Craig David and Lemar as well as more mainstream music like Maroon 5 and Jamiroquai. There were many occasions during sixth form when I was late down the pub on a Friday night because I stayed in to watch Top of the Pops on television! My preferences lie in soul and R&B but at the end of the day I write what sounds good to my ear. Ē His music has been described as a fusion of British RnB and Cole Porter influenced jazz mixed with a hint of Latin. He has combined eventful chord sequences with memorable vocal melodies, rich in harmony. Being very open about his life and loves, he writes songs from the heart about his experiences and emotions. Tony wishes to further his career in an industry he feels passionate about and truly hopes you like what you hear.