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Thomas Mulder AKA Teddy Roosevelts Life Saver

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Songs on this web page are, (c)2003 (p)2007 Thomas N Mulder ASCAP, Thomas Mulder Music, ASCAP, And/or, Teddy Roosevelt's Life Saver Records, PO Box 631, Sussex, NJ, 07461, Email Address is, , And/or, ,

About Teddy Roosevelt's Life Saver AKA Thomas Mulder When I was fifteen years old, I attended a school known as New Life Boys Ranch, which is now called New Life Youth & Family Services. The person that started the school was President Theodore Roosevelt's bodyguard. I was there in the year 1968 and was on a field trip in Miami, Florida at which time I was given the name "Teddy Roosevelt's Life Saver." In 2002, I had a very bad car accident, where another oncoming vehicle crossed over into my lane and hit me head-on. I had broken both wrists, broken ribs, a broken hip, knee and foot. At this time, I am very thankful that I can still get around and do things with my life that most people take for granted. The songs posted here on this web page are (c) 2003 (p) 2007 Thomas N. Mulder ASCAP. I hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as I enjoyed posting them. These songs can be played on any radio station that wishes to add them to their playlists or for any artist(s), to make use of with my permission. Billboard Magazine The lyrics to these songs were printed in "Billboard Magazine," on February 21, 2004 Volume 116 No 8 Page 15 Give Peace A Chance by John Lennon "Tommy Moulder" pronouced as, is in this song by "John Lennon" if you listen to this song real close, Mickey Good & Plenty Candy There was a "Good & Plenty Candy" commercial on "TV" about how "Teddy Roosevelt's Life Saver" used the candy to help save "Teddy Roosevelt" life some time ago. Paramount Group Inc Thanks to "David Robinson" and his "Staff" at "Paramount Group Inc" in Nashville, TN for making these songs a reality, and for the work they did on my songs. Music I Like Is I listen to all kinds of music. Most of the "Musical Friends" on my web page have been an influence to my music also. Thanks to all of you for being on my web page. May God Richly Bless all of you! Memories Of Mom Haman "Mom," Haman and Walter Haman Senior were the ones responsible for starting the "New Life Boys' Ranch." It was here that I first met Teddy Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt. Later, I met with former President Richard Nixon in Newark, NJ when he was in office. Afterwards, I also met with former President Jimmy Carter in Woodridge, NJ when he too was President. When Ronald Reagan was President, I met up with the Bushes (Mom and Dad Bush 41) along with President Reagan at the White House. Then, when Bush 41 was President, I met up with him and his wife, along with George Bush Junior ( 43) in Newark, NJ. I also met with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton at the "Candlewyck Diner," in East Rutherford, NJ when they were being hosted by "Good Morning, America." With "Mom," Haman's help, I met with other VIPs also. She was a good Christian influence upon me and is the reason why my Faith has grown to know more about the Lord. The Bible It is God who sets up all of the nations and the kingdoms. Therefore we should trust in the Lord and in the Power of His might. Read the Book of "Romans Chapter 13," for further information/reference. Further, The Bible also teaches and even commands us to LOVE one another, LOVE our neighbors, as we LOVE ourselves, as well as to LOVE our enemies. It also states that both the meek and the peacekeepers shall inherit the new earth. There are also love songs documented within the Bible known as "The Songs Of Solomon." Peace, Love and Faith are what my songs and music revolve around. ;