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Member - The Son Of Norman (Singer/Songwriter)

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28 Apr 2011
28 Apr 2011


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The Son Of Norman

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Singer,songwriter,distinct voice and heartfelt music Carlos " The Son of Norman" Jenkins is contributing a special one of a kind sound to the world of music. Born and raised from Scranton to Lake City South Carolina it was then in Carlos childhood years he was introduced to music by his Grandmother and father. Hearing the sounds of artist such as Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack, Michael Jackson, and his most favorite Prince.

Currently residing in Manhattan New York Carlos is working hard performing at benefit concerts, nightclubs shows, and recording his debut album titled " Year 33". Carlos road to success began in 2009 doing open mics in Raleigh N.C. Performing for all ages and ethnicity's and with positive feedback from music listeners Carlos decided to pursue his passion .

While walking his journey on the road of music Carlos wants his music to change lives and inspire people across the world. Whether a person is listening to one of Carlos songs such as " Go Hard" inspiring people to never give up when times get hard, or like another song of his titled " Earth". His song earth inspire people to not to take the small things in life for granted.

With his overflow of ambition and deep passion for music Carlos " The Son of Norman" Jenkins will continue to get his voice heard, and create music from his heart and soul for people to enjoy and remember.

In November of 2010 Carlos "The Son OF Norman" Jenkins performed in a showcase at Club Pyramid in the lower east side of Manhattan. Carlos went on to tie for first place. He was then approached by entertainment attorney Simon Rosen from Philadelphia, PA. By January of 2011 Carlos "The Son Of Norman" Jenkins was signed into a contract with Attorney Simon Rosen and Grammy nominated producer David Ivory. Today he continues to record in the studio and hopes the world will hear his music soon!


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