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02 Apr 2009
03 Apr 2009


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the headless acrobats

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

the headless acrobats are tyler john arnold and kevin fandry with occasional contributions from others including trevor pottorff and bruce bartu.

the headless acrobats have existed as an idea since the year 2001. the band name was adopted in 2008 with the release of the 'on any page' ep, and the subsequent 'mile marker' ep. both ep's were remixed, remastered, and combined for release as the album 'mm:oap' on March 1st, 2009.

'mm:oap' is sold as a digital download direct from the band's website, as well as through online retailers. physical copies are available at live shows. the album features 11 songs from the last two ep's remixed and remastered with the 'mile marker' ep as side a, and the 'on any page' ep as side b.

a short made-for-youtube film entitled 'thank you' is now online, documenting the writing of nine new songs, tyler's brief respite in austin, texas, and a trip to new orleans, louisiana that served as a catalyst for the film and the would-be new album.

tyler john arnold acts as principal songwriter, singer, and instrumentalist. kevin fandry regularly contributes bass, guitar, and various approaches to songwriting.
live shows are generally played solo by tyler, with kevin, bruce, trevor, and others when necessary or available. the band plans to continue gigging throughout the midwest and south, as well as regularly performing on the online platform 'second life.'

a brand new full-length album is in the works for 2009, to be released online and possibly through other mediums.