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Member - Fungkalite (Band who writes own material)

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17 Jul 2009
27 Jul 2009


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iZMO: R&B/Funk
Sub iZMO: Alternative Funk

SPE - Creative productions

Welcome to Street Production Enterprises at its best FUNGKALITE

Hard funken and definitely in the digital domain. Based in Denver, Colorado and play everything from James Brown to George Duke to Mint Condition including originals, that's right we rock USA style.

A dance band providing a high energy live entertainment show for small gathering of friends and family, weddings, night clubs or for company events, public and private. The Fungkalite delivers that performance you need. Offering traditional Rhythm & Blues and contemporary, Rock, Funk, Blues and contemporary Jazz. The band also offers a variety of genres in the original music category that is sure to accommodate your guest. Fungkalite, are a small ensemble that has a big sound which comes from their combined musical experience as live performers and studio musicians. Their infused sound of Funk is ever present & they deliver the very best at what they do, Professional live entertainment.


VANESSA BELL; Vocalist, the most recent member to the band, a dynamic and exciting singer & performer.

KEITH WEDDINGTON; Lead & rhythm guitarist, Back vocals, with over 30 years of professional performances, an exceptional guitarist and is the staple sound of the band.

GARY GIBBS; Bass guitarist, Back vocals, this heart felt bassist hails out of New York, and has been playing in and out of the Denver Metro area for some 10 years or more.

DWARREN; Drums, Back vocals, Denver native by way of Chicago and takes pride in that, keeping everything in time with his rhythmic drumbeats.

Keyboardist for hire. The band basically plays without and incorporates keys when the venue warrants that extension.

Talent: Inspired: Heart:

Welcome to creativity at its best. At Street Production Enterprises were at the door step of the Digital Domain and all its virtual aspects when it comes to creativity in music productions. I am the Owner/Producer of a full service digital and analog multi-track hard disc recording and production company in the Denver area. (After Touch Studios) Implementing, audio & MIDI production software, ADAT, sound production technologies, sequencing & sampling, formatting and encoding audio & MIDI.
Services include arranging & writing music and producing & recording artists, artist development and artist management for your unique career, pre-production training. Facilitating copyrights & demos, develops public relations packages and Internet Web development as well as additional services

Music is Melody, Harmony and Rhythm, and may be at its most creative moment in the planets history. I did say may be, with todays popular music its probably hard to believe that statement. Music is an art, entertainment, and enjoyment. Its probably one thing that most people in some way or another participate in. Music is rooted in the heart of the worlds cultures. The Music Industry is that which creates, performs and promotes music, and a great deal of music is produced by amateurs.

So I Welcome You, Performers, Composers and Conductors

If your talented, inspired or just got the heart, come seek us out

Street Production Enterprises
Donald Warren, Owner


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