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Member - Street Scene (Band who writes own material)

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Background info on StreetScene

Date added: 12th September 2009


Well, I've had this page on Bandizmo now for about 6 months and in that time I've had more hits and song plays than on any other pages I've had running now for 2 yrs.

Thanks Bandizmo :-)

Thanks to all of you for checking out my tunes.

There is some bloody great talent on this site working in all different musical fields and when I'm bored with the stuff I usually listeb to then I quite oftern come on here and select a playlist of new stuff I aint heard before and I'm never disapointed with either quality or integrity.

As a musician and songwriter Bandizmo has become my spiritual home.

Because I feel comfortable here, I just want to spend a little time talking about my personanl background and where my music comes from and why I write the way I do.

I am 45 yrs old. I aint good looking and I really don't care lol.

I come from a broken home and had to deal with difficult social issues such as Mental Illness in the family from a very early age. My mother had paranoid schizaphraenia and spent more time in treatment than she did at home looking after me.

I don't resent her for that as she was the only person in my childhood and adolescent years who actually encouraged me in my artistic endeavours.

I am divorced and have been for 8 years but my ex wife is a wonderful women and I love her very much as my BEST FRIEND in the whole world.

I have a grownup son called Daniel who is 22 yrs old. He still has a chip on his shoulder about his mum and me splitting up during his teenage years BUT we are still close and I love him very much. He plays me loads of upto-date music & I pic the bitsd I like and I play him lots of codgers-rock like Deep Purple and Led Zepplin and he pics the tunes he likes :-)

Because of personal problems a few years ago I ended up homeless and even spent a feww nights living on the streets before being accepted into a hostel.

I spent 18 months in a hostel, living amongst some wonderful people who just happened to have drink or drugs problems before I was back on my feet again and in a flat of my own.

I've seen a side of life that most people turn there backs on because they don't want to accept certain life realities.

My life experiences are often reflected in my songs, whether I'm writing blues, heavy metal or accoustic folk. If it aint from the heart and if it aint true then itds FAKE with a capita "F"

My life aint too great but I have the love and support of my ex wife, I have my dog Ben and I have a cosey council flat in Dudley near Birmingham UK.

I also have a few very close friends "Hiya Andy :-)" who are there when I need them and constantly encourage my talent, even when I'm feeling really crap and disilusioned.

Hey, life aint too bad afterall is it :-)

I hope you all appreciate this newsfeed in the spirit in which it is written. I have been through some tough times in my life but there are ggod people in life who have stood by me.

This newsfeed is dedicated ro them, I don't have to mention names... and maybe... all the youngsters out there who want to change the world coz it don't suit them, maybe they should sleep rough for a week and it may change a few attitudes

Love ya all

Enjoy my tunes

Look forward to hearing from you as all emails will be replied to personally

Glyn xxx

Blues Radio UK

Date added: 9th September 2009


My track "Child O' The Blues" has been accepted onto the playlist of Blues Radio UK so please check it out and place your request.

If you are a fan of blues and blues/rock then you will probably love this station and want to add it to your favourites anyway.


Songs Now Online

Date added: 2nd September 2009


Songs now online for you all to enjoy are:

- Streetlight Girls (band mix) a mellow soft rock version of my accoustic track
- Plenty More Fish ( accoustic folk tune about a breakup )
- Parents Lullaby (a song about life and growing up )

Enjoy the tunes. I hope to hear from you all with your feedback on the new material.

All the best


Back online

Date added: 26th August 2009


after an absence of a couple of months for various reasons StreetScene are back:

2 new tunes will be uploaded within next few days. Keep an eye on this page for further developments from StreetScene and hope to hear from you all soon.


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