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Member - STONECOLLAR (Band who writes own material)

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20 Jun 2009
21 Jun 2009
South Africa


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STONECOLLAR is an exciting up and coming hard rock band based in Cape Town, South Africa. It features Léshem Petersen on bass and vocals, Sean Tait on lead guitar, Clinton Jurgens on rhythm guitar and Bryan Nicol on drums. Their sound is characterised by heavy riffage, bluesy melodies and distinctive vocals, supported by solid drumming and meaningful lyrics.

The STONECOLLAR story started when Clinton and Bryan started jamming, in the very cliche, parents garage. The sound they came up with was heavy, but strongly influenced by Southern American blues, the roots of the rock genre. It took two years' worth of auditions to find a singer that suited the style. Léshem's vocal training, impressive range and soul background gave his voice a melodic quality not often found in rock bands, plus he was a mean bass player. They began jamming regularly in rented studio space and called themselves STONECOLLAR. The final hurdle was to find a lead guitarist who, after several disappointing auditions, finally arrived in the form of Sean Tait. His creative and technical solos rounded off what would become the distinctive STONECOLLAR sound.

STONECOLLAR doesn't do covers. One of the many things that set them apart is that all their material is 100% original. All the band members are involved in writing lyrics and while the axe men come up with most of the riffs, the songs are collaborations between all the band members. In this way, everyone feels ownership of the material and the music stays fresh.


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