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Member - Stone Circle (Band who writes own material)

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01 May 2009
02 May 2009


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Stone Circle

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Contemporary Rock

Stone Circle is all about the music... Rock Music, that is.
In all its myriad forms and flavours.
Five guys, different ages, different backgrounds, different tastes but with a common purpose: Compose, record and perform the best rock music they can. A little bit old school, a little bit new school. Self taught to university educated. Not afraid to punch it hard or lay it back. No borders, no boundaries, no limits. The music comes first!

Stone Circle has brought the craft back to rock music. Classic guitar driven songs peppered with hints of prog rock and blues. Lyrics with a sense of heart and a sense of humour. Melodies that linger, hooks that catch, players that aren’t afraid to play and a vocalist who sings from the soul. All of this flavoured in that unique and indefinable way that characterizes Oz Rock.
Stone Circle’s refreshingly accessible debut album ‘385 Newcastle Street’ was produced by John Villani at Northbridge Sound Studios, Perth, Western Australia and mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound Studios in New York. The following tracks are recommended listening:

Touch The Other Side – A pained search for self discovery played out against a driving rhythm section, stinging guitars and stunning harmonies in the chorus.

I’m No Idol – Up tempo, tongue in cheek barn burner! Part pop punk, part prog rock, totally unadulterated.

Post-It Notes – A true rock ballad. Like any real act of love this song unfolds like a flower, builds to a powerful climax then ebbs gently away.


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