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19 Jun 2009
02 Aug 2016


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Steve Clarke Trio

iZMO: Jazz
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STEVE CLARKE TRIO + is a 3 piece Funky-Jazz-Jam Band.
Pat Marafiote -Keys (Larry Coryell, Dave Weckl)
Steve Clarke -Bass (
Chris Stanley -Drums (George Benson, Anthony Jackson)

New CD features:Mike Stern, Chris Morrison, Authur Lipner and Johnny Durkins !!!

It is his 7th release on Hop-N-Bop Records and is being well received by fans in U.S. and Europe.
The inter play of this trio is quite noticeable, performing together the last 4 years and doing three
European tours as a trio has paid off.
The grooves and improvisations throughtout the recording flow naturally and seamlessly into and out
of the compositions.
The new CD kicks into high gear right from the start with Clarke’s title track from his previous CD
“Can You Hear Me Now”, where Mike Stern and his lyrical approach to the guitar take the melody and
then solo were sparks start to fly ! Also you find Stern weaving in, out & thru on "Cesky Polevka"
(Czech Soup) as well as Pat displaying his knowledge and musical skills on organ. It is a true treat.
Also, one of jazz's best kept secrets, guitarist Chris Morrison brings his fluent bebop soloing and
funky rhythmic playing to "I Just Wanna & "Insurgents".

Vibraphonist Authur Lipnor bounces his melodic rhythms on "City Strolling and "Hypocrisy". He
brings a special flavor to the overall songs.
On "City Strolling you also find drummer Chris Stanley swinging & funking, before giving us a
beautiful & dynamic solo.
Percussionist Johnny Durkins works his magic in & around Chris to make the rhythm section
complete and the pocket locked on all songs.
Also the new CD takes advantage of the writing skills of keyboardist Pat Marafiote, penning two
compositions (“Hypocriscy” & “Baghdad Bob”) and drummer Chris Stanley, provides one, ( “My
The Trio also wrote together “Insurgents”, a composition with startling dynamics, moods and swings
from pianissimo to fortissimo and back again.
This is by far one of Steve's best recordings and the players bring all the composition to life.

Prior Solo Releases:
"Can You Hear Me Now”? (06Bop122)
“Da Bass Is Loaded” (05Bop122)
"Precious Joy" (04Bop122)
"In The Third Lane" (03Bop122),
"Sweet Surroundings" (02Bop122),
"Kickin It” (01Bop122

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“Clarke's free-flowing compositions showcase plenty of fusion chops, but his rich tone and spaced-
filled lines steal the show" ...Gregory Isola, BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE

Thanks for Love !