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Member - The Stellar Art Wars (Band who writes own material)

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18 Oct 2009
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stellar art wars official

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The Stellar Art Wars

iZMO: Pop
Sub iZMO: Experimental Pop

The Saw Doctors were the most Serious SAW , Stock Aitken Waterman the most famous and we are the Seriously Stupid SAW. Stellar Art Wars are an attempt at combining the elements of all three. Most big tribute bands are live acts playing covers on a large budget. One of our faces consists of a live band playing covers. And as we always thought it was a shame that the Bootleg Beatles didn't do new material keeping up with the times. Oasis seem to think dance never existed- ironic as Rock'n'Roll as it was WAS dance music. So we thought we'd to the lowest budget version of the most commercially successful UK band ever. They are also the least credible in the music press. Like Neil Harrison, Andy Wainwright set out (in 1989) to be impersonate one of rock'n'rolls greatest notorious/heros. If John Lennon was Britpop's Christ. Pete Waterman would be the Britpop Antichrist , and the guy on who Andy bases his tribute (and this site), but what he's called varies from day to day, depending on varying sanity levels...

Stellar Art Wars are a collective of musicians dating back to the early 90's. Currently involved are Walter (vocals, [percussion), Twiggy (guitar), Ben (mandolin/banjo), Andy (bass), Henry (violin), Terry (percussion) and Patrick (drummer with "Asbo", the punk version of Stellar)

Stellar Art Wars, the folk band, is currently inactive, but there's plenty of clips of them live on YouTube.

Asbo is now a three piece band consisting of Twiggy (Stephen Branch), vocals/guitar, Andrew Wainwright, vocals, bass and Patrick Auer, drums.

This website was cobbled together by Andy, and the views expressed within are pretty much the opinions of Andy himself. Not all the band are nuts :)

The current Stellar Art Wars as we play today are a folk/rock "drinking band" covering anything from old english folk to parodies of floyd and bowie.

Twiggy and Andy are also writers/producers and there's info about them too on this site.

Two concepts introduced on this site are XMP - extreme media production and the Creative Commons Licence. Extreme Media Production is about bringing the viewers and listeners closer to the artists and the work- to get a unique insight into the creative process. By posting work in progress material on the internet, jams , odd gigs "as it happens" stuff- the viewer and listener gets to see what it's like to BE that band.....

I'm a music fan and I have enjoyed my share of filesharing as has anyone else, but as a musician, see people have to make a living. I believe the Creative Commons copyright license holds the future in this respect, as essentially it allows free amateur usage while any attempt to make money using the work would require permission and payment.

This idea is not actually new in all respects, in many ways this is what largely happened before the recording industry existed.

Filesharing isn't new either. In the 80's we used to tape the top forty every Sunday (mp3 quality!) off Radio 1. And swap them with their mates.... What's changed....

This is quite distinct from commercial piracy and counterfeiting. The CC agreement allows the copyright holders the same legal powers against these people. Cashing in on someone elses work without paying them isn't on...

So enjoy our collection of demos - I'd love to hear alternative versions of any of my stuff (ego.......)


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