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Member - Sissy *Sisterofthebands* T.Roze & Company (Singer/Songwriter)

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29 Dec 2008
14 Feb 2009


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Sissys StarNow Career Profile
T.Roze & Company Music Website

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Sissy *Sisterofthebands* T.Roze & Company

iZMO: R&B/Funk
Sub iZMO: Contemporary R&B

Sissy *Sisterofthebands*, is a prof. vocalist-lyricist-songwriter-melody arranger & vocal coach.

She is a highly self motivated, accomplished, versatile, results orientated, qualified, true professional.

Her mottos in life are: Keep Music Live & Keep it Real, guess you could say, she lives, sleep & breaths music!

Having over 25 yrs experience working within the music-entertainment industry, Sissy has also worked & toured with loads of artists & original-cover bands *worlwide*. Her mottos in life are: Keep Music Live & Keep it Real, I guess you could say that she lives, sleep & breaths music!

Sissy's fans,family & dearest friends (that also includes me too!) say that; When she sings live, she has a special, unique aura that radiates, that she's the quintessential "poetic type" wise, receptive and intense. She doesn't make waves by being flashy or flamboyant, but by being inspirational and concerned, she touches the hearts and souls of many with her exceptional vocal ablilities!

As far as I'm concerned, *Sissy's voice is definetly one of a kind*

If you would like to obtain further info. or if you would like hear / see her perform live, or if you would like to hire / book Sissy to guest sing with you or your band, you can view or download Sissy's (T.Roze & Company) *Career,Profile,Resume* all you have to do is visit the link below, it will take you directly to Sissy's (T.Roze & Comapny) music website.

T.Roze & Company Web site:

(when the website opens, click on the word *attachment*)

Entertaining Experience:

Accomplished, versatile,results orientated,qualified,professional female Lead-Backing Vocalist/Session Singer/Lyricist/Originals/Cover Songs/Touring/Radio Jingles/Melody Arrangements/Vocal Coaching-Worldwide

Lead Vocalist/Vocal Coach/Lyricist for *T.Roze & Co. & Broken English*

Was part time lead-Backing Vocalist,Barmaid,Hostess,Vocal Coach, and even Co-Owned a *Non-proffitable* Live music bar, called *Trozenco's Live Music Bar*. She still sings part time with The Trozenco Team Band & Friends (Blues, Soul,R&R,Funk,Country,Originals)

She sang Live on stage for the *Queen of Spain's Regatta.* in Majorca Spain, Sang with The Beirut Blues Band at The Hard Rock Café in Beirut,Lebanon. She even had the pleasure of singing for the children in need's charity fund in Marbella,Spain, and when she lived in Holland, Sissy, her partner Neil, and their sound Tech., owner of *Vos Studio Recordings* *Harry Vos* took time off of their busy schedual to sing for the children in needs charity show there as well.

She was the lead vocalistist for The Dumorie's,The Edge,Chopper Squadron,The Napoleons,Tokyo Rose, T.Roze & Co. & Broken English - toured Canada,U.S.,Spain,,UK,France,Holland,Germany,Lebanon, ect.

She had the pleasure of singing for the children in need show in Holland.

She was the lead vocalist for British Band *The Napoleons* Featuring: Neil Walton-British guitar player, singer, songwriter from *Easy Brothers* & Tony Fewkes-British ex guitar player of *George Michael-Wham*, Jeff Healy-The well-known blind Canadian guitar player *Jeff passed away in March 2008 of retinal cancer, God rest his soul*, George Duke, Otis Grand-The well-known blues guitar player, ect. (By the way, after Sissy joined *The Napoleons* her and Neil became and item in 1989-90, they got married 7 years later, and their love affair for music and their love bond for one another is truly a gift from the heavens up above.

Sissy and her partner Neil were hired in 1994-95 to be the house band and they were also put in charge of managing the live Entertainment for the well-known, American, Tex-Mex restaruant-bar “Cactus Charley’s” in Paris & Madrid. Sissy and her partner Neil (T.Roze & Co.) were also hired to perform live on stage for the Queen of Holland’s B-day Celebration party.

Sissy organized tours-booking arrangements and she also Vocal Coaches lead & backing vocalists individually.

At the present time Sissy is seeking full time-part time work with a committed, professional original-cover band in Europe, she is also available for touring & session work as well.

For further information, bookings, pics, C.D. Sales please send request email to

With the music industry being the way that it is now a days, just ask any true musician out there in the world today, and they will tell you that: It is a struggle trying to earn a decent wage now a days, so please, before you sign off *SUPPORT A MUSICIAN TODAY* by visiting the link below, it will take you directly to Sissy's *Music Forte* (PayPal) account web page, your tips/donations are greatly appreciated, every little bit helps!

Tip Jar: ://

If you want to find out more about Sissy, visit the link below:

Biog: ://

Ms. Sissy Vincent, I wish you all the best that life has to offer you

*Let Your Little Light Shine Bright*

Best Regards From:

An anonymous Loyal Fan, Musician & Friend for LIFE!


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