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At the end of the 80's as SideKixx began to attract a lot of attention, the singer and the Band began to grow apart. It was the end of an era. While the singer was M.I.A. the Band became restless. At rehearsals long time friend and crew chief Billy Phelps would belly up to the mic and jam with the Band. Eventually they started writing songs together and really started to vibe.

In the studio, the singer attempted to sing the songs written by Billy and the Band, but to no avail. After the Band had left a 12 hour studio session, the engineer and I had Billy stick around to give it a whack. The kid nailed down Tonka U, the first of songs written together, and it just felt right.

One night, in the fall of '90, SideKixx was performing at a venue that had become their "home turf". Like so many nights before, the room was filled with people who came to see their hometown band. Unaware of the tension that had been building, they were expecting a typical show. The stage became an ugly scene that night. I think it was actually built on top of a volcano!

After the seventh song, the original singer throws down the mic and storms off the stage. The Band and the crowd waited. After a minute of awkwardness Billy steps out of the crowd and up onto the stage. Picks up the mic, and the Band busted into some of the new songs they had written. They finished out the show and the crowd went absolutely nuts.

What you are about to hear are the songs that these three guys and their new singer created.

Joseph Reed, TRX Entertainment