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Member - Sharon Paquette (Singer/Songwriter)

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25 Jul 2009
25 Jul 2009


Sharon Paquette
Sharon Paquette will be performing with Andrea Bensmiller every Saturday night at BRAND inside the here for more info


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Sharon Paquette

iZMO: Pop
Sub iZMO: Rock

Angelic voices rise in harmony. You feel it in your core. Sharon wraps her voice around you and adds the soul. The down-to-earth sexiness that is every woman. She is reminiscent of Evanescence, she reminds you of Jewel, and then she moves you like Janis. Andrea brings harmony, as she sings beside Sharon tossing out tasty guitar licks that round out the sound of two sexy sirens singing to the Vegas night.

Sharon Paquette is a phenomenon, a classically trained opera singer who has turned pop icon. Andrea Bensmiller is her cool partner, an experienced music industry veteran who strokes, strums and smoothly takes the duo to a feel-good place. Her timing is impeccable as she places her raspy voice around SharonĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s passionate melodies.

Las Vegas is hearing these woman take your favorite song, spin it around and play it back to you as if the music sprung out of their very souls. The city of revisited themes is quickly queing up to lend its ear to the original songs, and cover song stylings of Sharon Paquette & Andrea Bensmiller.

Sharon Paquette - One of Las Vegas Weekly's top 5 singer/songerwriters - and Andrea Bensmiller - a producer/guitarist/vocalist with credits spanning LA stagework to film and television placements - team up in this duo. Blending everyone's favorite hit songs across all genres with their own original work, these babes kick up the party in a dance/sing along spirit that is rocking Vegas audiences.

The duo also offers mellow jazzy grooves and gentle harmonies for venues and events that desire a low-key show. These selections are tailored for dinner/cocktail parties and a more formal vibe.

Current and recent venues that have hosted the duo include BRAND Lounge, inside the Monte Carlo Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Sunset Station, and The House of Blues. With years of performance experience, hundreds of songs to keep the vibe rolling, and a rocking energy that won't let up, Sharon and Andrea are the perfect choice for any party.


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