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Member - Seven Mile Radius (Band who writes own material)

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12 Feb 2009
13 Feb 2009


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Seven Mile Radius

iZMO: Experimental
Sub iZMO: Industrial

Seven Mile Radius consists of Von Stultz (vocals, keys, beats) and Jason Milner (backing vocals, keys). The band is an artistic collaboration whose evolution began in 1993 with an industrial project called ďNimbusĒ. At that time, full size computers and tape-recorded samples littered the stages of all of our fledgling industrialites and Nimbus was no exception. After a couple of years Jason and Von went their separate ways, but never stopped creating and keeping up to date with what the other was doing. Jason continued marching on with "Nimbus" while Von DJ'd in Seattle and Chicago, and started his own project called "vexp". Simply put, they waited, and in the mean time technology caught up with their shared vision.

On their debut release, "Your So Perfect", the listener is lead through a wide gamut of emotions, all connected by one common denominator: A sense of discomfort bordering on dread. The music itself is an eclectic blend of old-school industrial with new technology. Vonís lyrics are dark and insightful, guaranteed to cause nightmares in all but the stoutest of listeners. The beats seem at times disjointed, yet always on time, which adds to the overall interest level and appeal. This is Industrial the like of which has not been heard before.

In order to truly experience Seven Mile Radius, one must to see them live. Every show is infused with Vonís electric personality and includes off-setting visual theatrics designed specifically to take the audience out of their comfort zone and keep them wondering what will happen next.

One endearing aspect of this band is their ability to defy convention and leave all options open, both musically and in other arenas. Currently Jason and Von are in the early stages of a comic book release about a psych ward patient who suddenly turns his self destructive tendencies on the world (with a little help from his imaginary demonic nurse). Seven Mile Radius is a band that is ushering in a new generation of industrial music and is one to watch out for.


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