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Member - SammyJo (Singer/Songwriter)

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08 Mar 2009
17 Mar 2009


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iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Pop Rock

NEW YEAR - NEW START 2009 FEEDBACK ; From Australia - ' Some excellent sounding contemporary productions' 'the excellent NEVER AGAIN'

From the UK - 'Less an album than a collection of hit singles in the making' 'with the crashing anthem NEVER AGAIN SammyJo proves she has great songs up her sleeve and the delivery to do them justice'

TOURDATES.CO.UK Review review by RushRockDude

1/5/2008 SammyJo at Tommy Flynn's, Camden Town.SammyJo aka Eskimo Brit Rock -

If you were wondering whether SJ can pull off that big stadium sound live as well as in the studio, wonder no more... Great show in an intimate venue, great band too.



"One of the best original recordings we've ever heard at Lemonrock. A solid rock song, with a superb studio sound. Vocally, SammyJo reminds us (perhaps obviously) of Avril Lavigne crossed with Anastasia - a truly memorable voice capable of great control, and shades of expression. Call us old fashioned, but you just can't beat a belting rock song with verses, choruses and blinding guitar solos, and, oh yes, a brilliant tune. Top stuff."

SammyJo has reached some amazing goals in her career, Her first begins with her band Eskimo Brit:

Eskimo Brit have been nominated in four categories within the 'Toronto Exclusive' magazine Annual Awards These include:

Best Song, Best Female Artist, Best Group and Artist of the Year Overall in their 'International' section.

Eskimo Brit won Best Rock Song for CRUSH! Check it out at


if you are in Toronto then pick up this months magazine to catch a feature on Eskimo Brit.

On the 18th November SammyJo explained why her chosen Charity NSPCC holds such a dear place in her heart and why her fundraising concert was such a success with Kelly Osbourne on 'The Sunday Surgery'.


"Such a powerfull,exceptional voice. Get her upfront!!! and get a drummer" - PAUL WELLER.

"FANTASTIC! energy and passion. SJ has masses of stage presence" - from the Mike Dolbear forum.

"Wow!" - Guilfest audience member

"Outstanding" - Guilfest audience member

A Female Anthemic Powerpop sound BLASTING out of Chesterfield, Derbyshire CHALLENGING the current crop of british music with something amazingly different etc.

SAMMYJO Formally Eskimo Brit, is a female singer / drummer / songwriter a native of Chesterfield near Sheffield (North England). She started listening to Rock, motown, pop and country extensively as a child and when she was 15 she acquired her first drum kit aswell as heavy vocal training. SammyJo attended SXSW in 2006 and on returning to the UK the sound was born and has evolved through 2006 and 2007 resulting in what you can hear on here.

New songs are constantly being written and material has been recorded throughout 2007 including 2 tracks recorded at the Steelworks studio in Sheffield along with SammyJo doing some excellent co' writing with Producers and songwriters know as 'TableSauce'

SammyJo is planning 2008 to be a little bit different and while she will still be taking her music out on the road it will include her being up front of the band!! January 2008 finds SammyJo in Norway where 4 of her new tracks are being produced at the 'Dsign' studios where she found the inimitable sound she found when she recorded 'CRUSH'! She has written the most close to her heart lyrics and really cemented her own sound, This truly is SammyJo uncut and Raw.

a few comments below from the feedback SammyJo has received:-

"A bit different than the bands coming out of Sheffield at the moment. Liking the 70's Zep-like guitar riffs."DIRTY PRETTY THINGS. Review from Popworld Promotes August 2006.

"More hooks than a school cloakroom" D. Times review - 1st March 2007

" As catchy as an Australian cricketer with massive sticky gloves on" Rhythm Magazine

" Commands the stage" The Bedford

" Stay cool and funky" ZORO


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