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Member - SABASTIAN ROBERTS (Singer/Songwriter)

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20 Mar 2010


1st Annual Helping Hands Charity Concert Event featuring Country Music Legend LORRIE MORGAN and SABASTIAN ROBERTS
1st Annual Fellowship Charity Concert featuring Country Music Legend here for more info

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Hailing from Minnesota, Roberts was exposed to a wide range of music as a child. He took the first steps of his musical journey early in life. At age 15, he was writing his own songs and performing in local bars. In the following years as a performer, he played a wide variety of music from Top 40 rock to blues, country and even heavy metal. But his roots and his heart remained in country and he travelled to Nashville in 2008 to launch his country music career in earnest.
His first studio EP, It is What It Is, launched onto the country music scene in 2009. It was a true breakthrough in every sense. Music legend Tommy Tutone, the hit songmaker from the 80s and best known for 867-5309 Jenny, lent his expertise to produce It Is What It Is, and the record was soon topping the independent charts.
With It Is What It Is, Roberts offers a unique mix of 80’s, rock and country music smashed into one rockabilly sound that defies convention. Building on traditional country styles, the EP fused rock and country music in a way that made the industry prick up their ears, and it served as the perfect platform for launching a career.
It Is What It Is is a ‘saddle up and hold on’ gallop. Tracks like Chicken Fried Mistake, Burnin' Hot Tonight and the moving ballad Reach Out And Touch Her resulted in over 18,000 hits on MySpace in just four days. Sabastian Roberts was on his way.
Working with Tutone was highly gratifying for Sabastian: “I was honored to have Tommy on this album; all the pieces came together when he came aboard.”
Unique musical style: Country with a rock attitude
Sabastian’s music will strike a chord with a wide audience with his combination of good-time country, soulful ballads and tales of love, loss and life.
His uniquely deep and rich voice is his instrument and he uses it to great effect when he sings of the joys and pains of life’s journey. His singing is equally powerful when it’s time to get up and dance.
Roberts’ sound defies categorization – it is a fusion that delivers more than its composite elements. Exploring the layers of Sabastian’s powerful rock-influenced sound reveals a heart of pure country. The result is an entirely new kind of “New Country.”
“I really don’t seek to find my niche any more – I have my own niche,” Sabastian comments: “When the songs play on the radio, I know the sound is unique. I don’t sound like everyone else and that is very satisfying.”
Sabastian is not impatient - he is an artist who waits for the right songs and the right team of people when making music. It is this considered approach that has led to the creation of Unwanted Man, an album that will connect with audiences everywhere. He is quick to credit his collaborators for their part in crafting the album: “Working with this great team of performers makes the whole experience a success.”
Every track on Unwanted Man is a perfect blend of melody, rhythm and poetry, each telling a story that will resonate with the listener. Each song is catchy and memorable. They grab you and entice you to sing along.
As an album, Unwanted Man delivers a balanced mix of fast-paced toe-tapping tracks and songs that will evoke sentiment and memories. It has songs to make you dance and others to make you feel.
“It’s is a coming together of a lot of intelligent, creative people."
Sabastian's sound breaks the mould and the music’s appeal and success is due in part to the great care he has taken in identifying and building the right team: "You get a great engineer, you get great people who you've trusted for years. I don't keep the reins that tight. I let everybody take their time and experiment. If anybody has an idea for how to make better music, I listen to them. It's a coming together of a lot of intelligent, creative people."

The energy behind Roberts’ vocals is unmistakable and his performance delivers sheer power and emotion. His skill and impact as a vocal technician are clear. He communicates life’s range of feelings through song with direct, immediate and lasting impact. He sings about life with authority and authenticity. This is matched by humility, humor and warmth – all expressed in his music.
Looking Ahead: Bringing the music to the people
Sabastian Roberts conveys the emotion of life with power and sincerity. His fusion of rock and traditional country combine to produce a truly unique sound that audiences will love. In live performance he has the charisma and the stage presence to make a personal connection with his fans.
The release of Unwanted Man represents a pivotal moment in Sabastian Roberts’ career, and he is set to perform on a bigger stage.
"Unwanted Man is a homage to the incredible talent in Nashville today, to the creative writers and talented musicians and to my wonderful producer who was so inspiring. I’m ready to show my vocal ability and variety with the world and see what doors open next.”
Sabastian Roberts is a true all-in entertainer and he is poised to make his mark on the music scene in the US and beyond. www.sabastianroberts,com


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