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Member - REVMATIC (Band who writes own material)

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01 Oct 2008
16 Feb 2009


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iZMO: Metal
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2008 marks Revmatic’s third release “Cold Blooded Demon”. Described by singer Nathan Yetter as the sound of Guns N Roses and Metallica in a car accident, the album marks a new beginning. The band decided to go in a heavier direction on the new album. The last two albums we're hard rock, this one is a little more Metal influenced. In the eight years since the band formed, they have molded themselves into an extremely fierce band, honing their sound into a state of lust‚ with melodic vocals, thunderous double kick drums and guitars that are defined with dual leads. Fans and press received Revmatic's first release (Self Titled - 2002) and second release (Ghetto Blaster - 2004), with great response and the band sold over 1000 copies of each. Cold Blooded Demon is a powerful album musically and visually. The album art and design was done by Rory Fiorito who has worked with bands such as Diamond Head, Dokken, Ratt and Quiet Riot.
Formed in 2000, Revmatic was manifested by two close friends, Nathan Yetter (vocals/guitar) and Keith Daigle (bass) who have been playing in bands together since high school. Rob Baker (drums) joined the band in August 2001. In May 2007, Ron Berry left the band opening the door for Jay "Hopps" Hopkins (Guitars), who completed the final line-up in June 2007. His unique guitar style has brought a whole new element to Revmatic's sound.
In late 2007 early 2008 the band participated in a cross Canada battle of the bands competition through Bodog. Being the fifth highest voted band in canada they ended up lasting 3 rounds playing the regional finals in Toronto at Jeff Healey's bar. Reviews from the second night on Jan 2, 2008 at Stages Nightclub in Kingston said that "Revmatic changed the tone of the night as a heavy band with a sense of style, a great stage presence and lots of fan support.
Revmatic is pure raw energy right in your ears. They are a ferocious monster, beating you with a mess of high-end-heavy crunch, grind and utter grunge that blasts right through you. Revmatic has a thunderous sound that brings to mind bands like Kiss, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Guns N Roses mixed with hard breakdowns and old school thunder.
They will be pounding the pavement throughout 2008-2009 in support of the new album.

Revmatic is

Nathan Yetter-guitar and vocals
Jay Hopkins-guitar and back up vocals
Keith Daigle-bass and back up vocals
Rob Baker-Drums


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