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Member - Randy Lynn Mitchell (Songwriter/Composer)

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Date added: 12th December 2011


"What's wrong?" (pause) "Nothing." Nothing can be pretty serious. Originally recorded by the Clay Pigeons (Colorado) in the 1980s, it showed up in an instrumental version on "Instrumental Values" a few years ago. What I lack in vocal skills, I make up for in clarinet (keyboard) playing.

Winners of the Dance

Date added: 16th August 2011


A black and white photo captured my parents as young adults in 1952, just after they had won a radio station dance contest in eastern Colorado. The picture spawned a song about "two young fools" who, for a moment in time, were "winners of the dance." A refrain from Glenn Miller's "In The Mood" sets the tone for the song; unfulfilled promise makes up the rest. Written and recorded in August 2011 by Randy Lynn Mitchell.

Someone Told You

Date added: 10th March 2010


Another old song with updated lyrics has been added to the "Dancing In The Past" sessions at Akornwoods Studio. A little country shuffle, a little social commentary, and a lot of tremolo guitar; someone told you "blessed are the meek."

Are you a comfortable stranger?

Date added: 9th March 2010


"Maybe Forever," a new/old song from Randy Lynn Mitchell, is now available on BANDiZMO and Reverbnation.

A Wedding Promise

Date added: 5th November 2009


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something new. Take some wedding vows from 1976, spice it up with an arrangement from 2009, keep the instrumentation simple, add some harmony, and voila; it's "A Wedding Promise" by Randy Lynn Mitchell, now available at BANDiZMO and ReverbNation.

New from Randy Lynn Mitchell and Akornwoods Studio.

Date added: 19th October 2009


"Stranded," the newest song from Randy Lynn Mitchell's "Organic" sessions, is now available on BANDiZMO and ReverbNation. Akornwoods Studios: It's all fun and games until somebody loses a nut.

Room For Doubt

Date added: 9th October 2009


"Room for Doubt," Randy Lynn Mitchell's latest release, is now available on BANDiZMO and ReverbNation. Akornwoods Studios: Nuts and squirrels are always welcome!

New Song

Date added: 28th September 2009


Just released: "Smiling Eyes," to be included in an upcoming acoustic collection called "Organic." Available on BANDiZMO and ReverbNation.

New Songs

Date added: 8th September 2009


New songs from Randy Lynn Mitchell on BANDiZMO and ReverbNation:
"I'll Always be Your Mother"
"The Little Things"

\"Castles of Sand\" Released

Date added: 4th September 2009


Randy Lynn's latest song, "Castles of Sand," is now available at:

Keys To Yesterday now available on

Date added: 3rd September 2009


Keys To Yesterday, Randy Lynn Mitchell's second album, is now available at


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