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Member - Randy Lynn Mitchell (Songwriter/Composer)

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18 May 2009
24 Aug 2017


"What's wrong?" (pause) "Nothing." Nothing can be pretty serious. Originally recorded by the here for more info

Winners of the Dance
A black and white photo captured my parents as young adults in 1952, just after they had won a here for more info

Someone Told You
Another old song with updated lyrics has been added to the "Dancing In The Past" sessions at here for more info

Life Needs a Soundtrack blogspot
My reverbnation page

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Randy Lynn Mitchell

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Country Rock

Randy Lynn Mitchell plays acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, and assorted keyboards. Although he has performed solo and in a variety of bands in Colorado, Tennessee, and Virginia, his true passion is writing, recording, and mixing original music. Several of his albums are available through :// .amazon. com by searching for Randy Lynn Mitchell on mp3 downloads Father of three grown daughters (two of whom play piano), he has been happily married to Deb since 1976. His degrees include a Bachelor of Arts from the Unversity of Northern Colorado, a Master of Education from Colorado State University, and a Doctor of Education from Nova Southeastern University. Four books on higher education written by R.L. Mitchell have been published since 1997: *Metaphors, Semaphores, and Two-by-Fours (ACUI, 1997) *Fables, Labels, and Folding Tables (Atwood, 1999) *Listen Very Loud (Atwood, 2001) *Flying Through Clouds (Atwood, 2004) When Harry Chapin wrote, "Music was his life, it was not his livelihood", he might have been singing for all of the undiscovered songwriters and musicians, Randy Lynn Mitchell among them, who lay just below the surface of public recognition. In "Windshield Full of Nebraska, Randy Lynn writes: If I ever find a freeway, I'm gonna hitch a ride to Nashville, And play guitar in bars and sing the songs of yesterday, And maybe find a lover, and maybe be discovered; If I can ever find a freeway, I'll be gone... If anybody finds that freeway, please contact him at: Many more songs are available through mp3 downloads at (search for Randy Lynn Mitchell).


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