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Member - Radio City Soundsystem (Band who writes own material)

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Roku: new EP available now!

Date added: 5th November 2010


Radio City Soundsystem have been working hard on new songs and are finally ready to unleash their latest EP.

Roku is the band's sixth EP, their second since the release of their self-titled LP last year. It features five new songs including "I Wish I Was Cool (Like Beckii Cruel)" and Friendface v2.0," which is a new version of an RCS favorite.

You can preview and download Roku here:

Radio City Soundsystem LP available now!

Date added: 2nd December 2009


Radio City Soundsystem is pleased to let you know about the release of our first full length LP!

Radio City Soundsystem contains songs from all four of our EPs plus five new ones. A total of twenty awesome new wave toonz! This is our first release to be mad available at major online retailers and it is also our first to be available on compact disc.

You can get the LP online at:

Amazon MP3
Rhapsody (USA only)

You can order a copy of the CD online at:


We're really pleased with how this turned out and we hope that's you will enjoy the music.

Drop by our myspace to preview all of our music, get a few free MP3s and find our how to get your hands on a Radio City Soundsystem CD or t-shirt.

Thanks for your support!

Free MP3s!

Date added: 17th September 2009


Radio City Soundsystem is still giving away MP3s. However, one of them has a time limit.

For the next six days you can download "Lola's Last Boyfriend" for free with absolutely no strings attached! This is part of a promotion with Windows that we are happy to be involved with even though we use macs. You can download the song right now on this page:

We are now giving away three MP3s at ReverbNation. The most recent addition to the free song list is "Real Tomato (It's A Mistake)" which is one of the best songs from our latest EP ᷹ Nemesis. To get all three songs either click on the banner below or sign up as our fan on this page:


TkUfD_`M You rock!

New EP ᷹ Nemesis available now!

Date added: 2nd September 2009


We weren't even planning this. It just sort of happened. Kind of like having a baby you did not expect, except it doesn't cry... IT ROCKS!

We have just released our fourth EP, ᷹ Nemesis. It features five new original songs. If you download it from our download site, a cover version of Robot, originally by The Plastics, is included as a bonus track.

The original songs on this EP are:

1) My Nemesis (Sir Digby Chicken Caesar's Theme)
2) RCS 101
3) Real Tomato (It's A Mistake)
4) Go Go Big Time
5) No Justice, No Peace

If you have a free minute or two you can check out ᷹ Nemesis here:

Thanks for being friends! Bj_


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