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25 Jul 2009


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Patrick Lew's Band

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Hard Rock

As an Asian American young man raised by a Chinese father and Taiwanese mother who worked hard jobs at hotels and we experienced personal dramas and success stories to be where we?re at today, I (Patrick Lew) was born in November 1985, and got super interested in MUSIC at age 6. I first played the violin and piano as musical instruments as a kid growing up in the Nineties with my 90?s Nickelodeon and etc. I learned music and loved music growing up, went to a music school in Chinatown SF to learn piano. And played a lot of video games such as Sega Genesis, PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 360 from FuncoLand. I got my first guitar at a pawnshop on my 13th birthday, and took a few guitar lessons from a music instructor in school.

I also gone through a lot of personal hardships growing up as an Asian American male in reality and online on my computer. From bullies in school and community college! To haters insulting my music or me via Internet but! I am very proud of my Taiwanese culture and heritage and respect American Rock N? Roll music and its American pop culture from the 80?s and early 90?s growing up. My music as a solo musician comes from two distinct projects.

Patrick Lew?s Band, a portfolio of things I?ve done. And Dexter Rotten, my ?virtual? rock band jamming on ?tools of mass production? in my house in Antioch, attempting to mix 80?s hair metal with 90?s grunge in the Hard Rock music I am making.

Music is my ultimate passion. I bleed it, regardless what others say. Without my family, close friends and education. Not to mention my tiny, but supportive audience for Patrick Lew?s Band. I would not be here today. Pretty much!

NOTE: I am on Soundclick and other websites strictly to promote my music and get myself heard. Maybe some short-term opportunities along the way, but let?s leave it to that!

~*~ SHORT BIO ~*~
Patrick Lew, one of the San Francisco Bay Area?s gifted and underrated rock musicians in the local music scene, promoting himself via Internet and performing sporadic gigs across crappy bars and recreational centers in hometown. Was, ? of the former San Francisco nu metal band, the Band of Asians, with schoolmates from high school and college. Since the Band of Asians had disbanded in early April of 2008, Lew has focused on a solo music career and began his long and continuing journey for success in the music industry and maturity as an individual.

He has been on hiatus from the San Francisco Bay Area music industry and scene since the breakup of Band of Asians, and also moved to Antioch, California around his 23rd birthday. And is focusing on a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Music at California State University, East Bay while making music as a solo artist at home. Posting his new tracks on his websites online and keeping fans and friends updated through Twitter and Facebook.

Patrick Lew?s Band is an American hard rock project that was formed in San Francisco, California in 2001. The band, led by co-founder and musical leader Patrick Lew, has gone through numerous lineup changes of band members along with many different current events since its introduction into the independent music scene. The band has released three studio albums, one live EP and no official home videos.

Originally associated with the local garage band phenomenon in the San Francisco Bay Area during the early-to-mid 2000s, they made little impact or earned little recognition outside their hometown of San Francisco until the release of their 2007 album ?Revenge? which made the underground rock music networking aware of their eccentricity and music. Almost a decade since its formation, the band whittled down to just Patrick Lew after the demise of his former bands and to a degree, was less visible in terms of live performing. But made more headlines on the Internet, keeping fans posted on current events on Facebook and Twitter. Along with recording new music, without the support of a band, live performing and music industry support.

This project can also be looked at as a musical anthology of related works to Taiwanese musician and artist Patrick Lew?s projects throughout the years.


Origin ? San Francisco, California, USA

Genre(s) ? Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Glam Metal Revival (2008 onwards)

Years Active ? Since 2001

Label(s) ? Statue Records, CDBaby, Unsigned

Associated Acts ? Band of Asians, Silent Minister, The Original Rock Nobodies, It?s Only Pretendo, Dexter Rotten, Logic?s Enemy, Eddie Blackburn, Scarlett Bombs

Website ?


Patrick Lew ? Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Computer (2001-Present)


Tommy Loi ? Drums (2001-2002)

Eddie Blackburn ? Lead Guitar (2001-2005)

Shawn Blacharski ? Bass (2001-2005)

Mark Holmes ? Lead Guitar (2005)

Augusto Hernandez ? Bass (2005-2007)

Zack Huang ? Keyboards (2005-2007)

Cory Gaitan ? Bass (2007)

Dave Arceo ? Drums (2005-2008)


-- Attended City College of San Francisco from 2004-2008 with a focus on CSU General Education transfer requirements to a 4-year college alongside, music.

-- Foregoing a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Music at California State University, East Bay.

-- Received musical education from MA certified instructors, guitarists and various individuals locally and sometimes, those working in the music industry.


-- Tower Records in San Francisco, CA. Assisted as a cashier, retail stocksperson and record information counter.

-- Heroes Club in San Francisco, CA. Assisted as a second-hand helper and retail stockperson at a comic book store.

-- Receptionist and computer lab technician at California State University, East Bay for the SDRC department. Currently working on an employment interview by the facility.


-- Eleven years of rhythm guitar experience. Performed my instrument role in side projects and local San Francisco bands.

-- Six years of acceptable music technician. Proficient software: Magix Music Maker, Acoustica Mixcraft, FL Studio, Digidesign ProTools and Audacity. Has an ability to somewhat mix, produce and arrange recording aspects of music.

-- Sporadic skills in Keyboards. Originally, learned piano prior to rhythm guitar about fifteen years ago. Can use the instrument to produce some backing elements of electronica.

-- Very knowledgable on Rock And Roll music and history. Knows an acceptable amount of bands from each genre in the Rock category of music.


-- Electronics, Video Games, Astrology, Film and Social Philanthropy are other areas of interest.

-- Hear my music by the links above. Or Google ?Patrick Lew?s Band.?

Categories: 2000s musical groups, 2010s musical groups, American rock music groups, Patrick Lew?s Band, Hard rock musical groups, Musical quartets, Rock trios, Rock duos, Music from the San Francisco Bay Area, People from San Francisco Bay Area, Postmodern Art, Outsider music, Bands with one constant member, Musical groups established in 2001, Taper-friendly musicians

Why this name?
This is a solo musician adventure, and Patrick Lew is my REAL NAME. The "band" in the music refers to the musicians who were involved in making rocking music with me in the studio. Patrick Lew's Band can also be an archival vault of recorded music I did since 2000 or 2001 as a San Francisco local musician who promotes himself constantly online on his computer. Such as outtakes, jams, unfinished music and studio album tracks. This is basically a portfolio to chart the progression and evolution that is me and my music.

Do you play live?
The gig that made my music known locally was a 15-minute live musical performance at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. For ?Battle of the Bands? back in October 2002 with my high school band. This was basically, the musical experience I would never forget. Handing out flyers and pamphlets of our website to the audience. Some of our concert was bootlegged through a friend on a Walgreens tape recorder. Some other important gigs were doing an Electronic Tape Recital at my former music school, Vibo Music Center. On May 8th 2006. Which also became my first (and only) live album to date, Band of Asians, Live! Mixing theater with digital music technology, which were like experimental sound collages. The largest crowd I played for was with Band of Asians at the Golden Gate Park in SF for a Christian church festival. Which happened on August 11th 2007. Since my former bands disbanded or moved onto new future projects and personal lives, I been a solo musician. But haven't played live due to seriousness with college. I mainly, record in the studio.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Computers and technology like Internet makes it easier for local bands and independent musicians to get heard. Like, this technology can get music artists to build a franchise for their music by making a website and putting a whole lotta information, photos and mp3 files of music they made. Before that, we had to be signed to a major record company if us musicians and music artists wanted to be heard. Before, you had to play a lot of gigs at nightclubs and D.I.Y a bunch of flyers at shops and pass out tapes and portfolios to the whole local community in your hometown, just to get the word out. Now it's all changed with the Internet and websites like Soundclick and MySpace.

Sucks for the record labels losing money. But although I think it's bad too, because we download music online for FREE. But I think it's also a good tool to find new bands by browsing the Internet. Musicians shouldn't worry about the money, instead. It should be the attention they are getting, I mean they could be making more money selling shirts and DVDs at Hot Topic or concerts. I think music downloading does hurt the industry but, who cares. I don't think it's right for record companies to sue teenagers or college students in their dorms at UCLA downloading lots of music online anyways.

Money is not what music's all about in my book. It's the passion, the love for what you do. And presenting your art and gift to the public whether it be on MySpace, Soundclick or playing a show at Gilman's. I don't get discouraged from bad music critics or evil people who shoot my music down either, you know. I'm not just playing and making music out there just for a PAYCHECK.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes I will, if to earn the traditional dream and goal for a local musician trying to make an IMPACT and get his music out there, rather than playing cheap gigs at bars and local recreational centers. And rather than just, promoting my music online. Although it does help. I'm a pretty traditional careerist kind of musician and artist, so I want to make some opportunity of what I love doing. No matter what people say.

Band History:
I was born in 1985 in San Francisco, California. I am currently in college working on a BA degree in Philosophy and Music at the moment. My interests is mainly art and music, I am in fact as struggling local musician trying to make music, put it online and learn my ropes and odyssey for fame in the music industry. I am of Asian descent, meaning I am Taiwanese American. Though I don't speak my ethnic languages. I mainly play guitar as a musician and write songs and make my music on the computer and put it up online. I've been through a lot of good and bad in my lifetime. But again, it's all been worth it! After 24 years in my life, I am taking the time to do some evaulation to cleanse myself after years of turmoil. I think personally! I am living for today, but have a strong sense of missing the Nineties! It's true.

My family life was loving but dysfunctional at times. I went through a number of short-lived relationships with other girls. Which made me think, "When will I ever find the one?" I figured college has been a big priority for me since I got into University late last year. I am a bit confused on which direction I should go, but I am stronger and wiser than I was in previous years. Pretty much!

And obviously, I just moved to Antioch from San Francisco. Maybe something new might come my way? Maybe it's you? Who knows! But I am definitely waiting for sure. Yep!

Your influences?
I was 2 when I first heard The Beatles and Rolling Stones, which was what got me into music. Music from my former Asian hippie mom. Then I was 7 when I got into bands such as Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Pearl Jam and Soungarden. I started dressing in band shirts, grew my hair into a moptop, people thought I looked like an Asian girl but I didn't care. I bought a guitar kit at the Guitar Hut at 13, and learned a few basic things on my instrument and took two weeks of guitar lessons. So I went to high school at Wallenberg. I had a band but we got booed because everyone at school liked rap more than rock. So I later developed an interest in electronics. Then I dated Asian and White girls who liked R&B. Turns out I respect that genre too.

Favorite spot?
East Bay, California. Anywhere else? School, only with the company of close schoolmates and friends. Other than that, home sweet home in Antioch, playing my Xbox 360. Reading and playing guitar in my room. And going on to keep in contact with friends online on my computer. And being in my home studio making crappy but interesting music, and playing a gig onstage when time permits me to do so. I love to entertain and give art and music to the people, and earn appreciation for what I do.

Equipment used:
I basically use Fender and Epiphone guitars. As far as amp goes, I use Marshall and Fender practice amps. Along with Digitech RP50 and Boss DS-2 guitar FX pedals. I record on my computer laptop running Acoustica Mixcraft, and I use drum loops I find off websites to be the "virtual" drummer. Because, I don't OWN a drum kit at home. I use other recording software like, Cubase and some software guitar amps like Line6 TonePort GX or Guitar Rig to record my tunes.

Anything else...?
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