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Member - Nycole August (Singer/Songwriter)

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31 May 2009
15 Jun 2009


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Nycole August

iZMO: R&B/Funk
Sub iZMO: Urban

With the ability to stun a crowd with captivating lyrics and a broad ranging voice, Nycole August is the r&b/pop artist the music business has been longing for. She possesses the tone and range of Mariah Carey, the soul of Etta James and the subtleness of Toni Braxton. Nycole August born Erin Nicole Watkins of Odessa, TX comes from a musically inclined family. Her father is a vocalist and musician and her mother is a vocalist as well. So it was inevitable at a very young age that she would be hit with the music bug. While attending high school she performed in many musical plays and won various awards for her vocal talents. She knew that being an entertainer was something she really wanted to do. Upon graduating, she moved to Houston to pursue her dream while working part time at a retail store and attending cosmetology classes. She was introduced through a friend to a producer. She endured many hardships resulting in moving several times, but was still able to complete a demo. Because of scheduling difficulties, she and the producer broke tithes. Fortunately through an acquaintance, she was introduced to Henry “Black” Stewart and Donald “Red D” Watkins of South Records/Hittfest Productions. Being amazed by her vocal abilities, they decided to begin working on her debut project. So without further adieu get ready for the mind blowing experience and sound of Nycole August. For Booking please contact Erin Watkins at 713-231-7478.


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