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09 Mar 2009
14 Jan 2010


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NeverAgain Ent.

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Midwest Hip Hop

NeverAgain Entertainment

Philosophy and Mission Statement

Who brings death and violence to my neighborhood?

At NeverAgain Entertainment, we believe rap music is a critical vehicle for many young artists to vent frustrations in an arena where nobody dies. Rap music is not the enemy. Violence became a part of our society long before rap came into existence. Music has its influence, but it is not so influential that someone is moved to kill because of a rapper’s story. By silencing the voices of these young rap artists, would funeral processions of the young black males lessen? Of course not! Then who brings death and violence to my neighborhood? Is it Def Jam, Relativity, Death Row, Bad Boy, Interscope, Luke or the ones who make sure drugs, guns, ignorance and empty pockets end up at my doorstep? People attack the messenger but not the cause. America taught us to disrespect women centuries before the first rap was performed. Television shows us, step-by-step, how to kill, rob and encourages us to live promiscuously and irresponsibly. Obviously our problems are far deeper and more complex than our music reflects. Rap music is a form of communication that crosses classes and races and it became ‘dangerous’ when black voices fell on curious white ears.

What about the children?

People choose to attack rap for the ‘sake of our children’, while the real villains continue their work unnoticed by those busy attacking the industry. While they attack rap, drugs rob children’s souls of promise and hope. While they attack rap, poverty molests them in broad daylight. While they attack rap, ignorance and violence strangle, beat and shoot the life out of them. Inevitably one of these victims survive and end up at the door of NeverAgain Entertainment with a painful and bold message revealing all that he or she has endured.

Must be the money!

At NeverAgain Entertainment, we believe too many people focus on the quick money that comes from so-called "gangsta rap" music. They never offering solutions to the pain and problems that rap so vividly describe. Instead their greed adds gasoline to the fire already burning out of control.

Our Mission: Making rap part of the solution

Today’s young rap artists write about their environments and what they have experienced, therefore rap is not negative, it’s reality. It gives America an uncensored tour through the plights of the ghetto. At NeverAgain Entertainment, we believe if music can powerfully and vividly identify the problem, then our mission is to make it part of the solution. When dealing with rap artists, NeverAgain Entertainment’s mission is to stand behind each artist and encourage them, personally and professionally, to become role models to others under the similar circumstances. This is where most record labels, as well as management companies, fail for they have no interest to help shape or mold a healthy atmosphere for their artists. At NeverAgain Entertainment, we work with these artists. It is part of our managerial process to take the frustration and place insight and understanding behind it. We take those negative experiences and use them to strengthen and build that very same artist. How can we do this? Because we, at NeverAgain Entertainment, have risen from that very same path.
The First Artist We Are Bringing Out Will Be J.O. The Great
J.O.THE GREAT²!!!!! There really isn¹t much more to say. This mind
blowing St.Louis native is known as the one stop shop for music. If you need a beat get
J.O., need a hook get J.O., R&B song, pop song, ghost vocals get J.O. Surely you get the deal now, and are probably asking is there anything J.O. can¹t do and the answer is yes, LOSE. His one of a kind undefined style will truly make him the biggest thing in St. Louis history next to Cardinal baseball and the Arch. Gracefully perfecting his craft as a rapper since the tender age of 8 J.O. has finally come into his own. Without many ways to describe
the type of artist J.O. is, most often refer to him as simply amazing.
Though it wasn't always easy J.O. has gone through more transformations, and make overs than all of your typical reality shows combined. J.O. started out like most with passion and no direction, and at a young age hooked up with his life long friend Brian ³Killa B² Hall and created a tag team that as
kids could easily compete with signed artists of that era and most artists today. Back then J.O. was known as Dizzy T., because of his rarely seen ability to leave people puzzled by his delivery and energetic style.
J.O., with not enough knowledge to even think of trying to get signed still
continued to make music that touched his soul. It wasn't until the age of 10 that J.O. learned of his ability to pour his thoughts and heart out in R&B form, and that $€is where the confidence began to build. He initially began to sing R&B to impress the young ladies, but later developed a true love for what he was doing. For years J.O. would put his talent on display locally leaving audiences in aw, but still not having the know how to get a record deal. J.O. went on to sign a management contract with Never Again
Entertainment¹s front man, Kevin
"Dangerous D" Dyer of the 1980s St. Louis group the Kings of Soul.
Kevin made the connection with J.O. and some local music producers to try
and take it to the next level. J.O. took what he learned from the
producers and started to build and eventually parted ways because no one
could share his vision. J.O. with tons more skills still hadn't had all
the tools that he needed to get signed so he fell back and focused on
pushing other projects as a producer.

During that stint J.O. hooked up and produced for a young St.Louis rapper
on the rise named J'kwon. Kwon was the person that created the name J.O.
because he couldn't remember his birth given name Jonas J. Townsel. The two created exceptional music in conjuction with Kwon's brother, but lost touch over time. Kwon went on to become a national success and J.O. Was mad at himself, went on a rampage and started to build the writing, producing,rapping, singing monster that is J.O. THE GREAT. With his new attitude and new found sound J.O. is for sure the brightest star on the rise.