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Member - Michael Harbison (Songwriter/Composer)

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06 Sep 2009
24 Aug 2018


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Michael Harbison

iZMO: Jazz
Sub iZMO: Christian Jazz

Mychael Was Born in Beckley W.Va. 1961 to Gracie Harbison,at a young age Music Consummed Him.He began to Teach Himself to Play Bass Guitar,by Listening to the Hit Songs of that Day,By ear ,and eventually became good enough to play and sing for a well know Gospel Group,were God began to deal with his heart to be saved.After salvation,God lead him in a different directtion,were he began to play keyboards and organ,and began to write,arrange,compose and produce,He eventully took position as Music Director Of Free and Indepent Churches in his district.he soon got married to wife Lucretia and they began to sing together.They both love the lord,and love the ministry off song to people every where.They know reside in Atlanta Georgia,where they continue to further there music ministry of reaching all people with God's love.

God Bless,This Is Mychael Harbison with President & Ceo of,Were God is First,I am concerned about reaching all people with the Gospel thru song and word.I am a Composer, Arranger, Song Writer, Singer,Musician,Skilled in playing keyboard,Piano,Organ,Bass,Lead and Accoustic Guitars,My Wife also sings with me,We often travel together.God has given us a love and concern for all souls,from the homeless and drug addicts,sex addicts,street women to the rich and famous and political arena. We want to let all know that Jesus is truly real,and wants to love and save all,Inspite of how people may act,even in the church,Jesus died for all men, women,boy's and girls,know matter the race our color,Jesus is coming back for a holy people,that love and reaches out to all people,in the name of Jesus.and remember in all the destractions you may go through, to get you to doubt god's word,the holy spirit is there to refresh and renew you,so the devil can't touch you. God bless!!! Mychael


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