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Member - MR SKIN (Singer/Songwriter)

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09 Oct 2008
20 Oct 2008


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iZMO: Pop
Sub iZMO: Experimental Pop

A SHORT BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY.. DAVE MORRIS aka MR SKIN aka LEO MOON is a musician and singer-songwriter of over 250 original songs hailing from Manchester UK.
He began to play in 1979 at the age of 23 years old and was soon in his first band THE APOCALYPSE CHOIR, which toured Holland and the UK and was his first real taste of band life,tours etc.
Following the break up of the band in 1982, Dave formed first "THE STONKERS",then"THE SPEAKERS";touring the north of England. Dave's first REAL band which included a collaborative effort was "THE ANSWER?'. which later underwent a name-change to become "ANUTABU" from 1984-1987.ANUTABU ended it's days in France and Dave quit the UK to live on the French Riviera in 1988,briefly touring with "YOYOYO".
After a spell of dissillusionment with bands Dave went busking for 2 years in France and Switzerland before forming "ZAFRAMOON" with PAT ZAFRA. see ZAFRAMOON played on for 9 years in France and Switzerland, south coast and Alps alternating summer and winter. In 1999 Dave went to SXM...St Martin/Sint Maarten after adopting the name MR SKIN . Along the way Dave has also been lead vocalist with "SO FAST" a group from Meze in the Languedoc region of France ,and has more recently collaborated in "FUTURE X" with Thierry Chauvet in addition to beginning to tour as a solo acoustic type performer.In St Martin Dave also performs with a part-time band "Bustakok" and does the sound for "Percy Rankin's Bonfire Band " and "One White Chic" on a part-time basis.Upcoming projects are a 3rd UK tour in May 2009 with his band MR SKIN. MR SKIN are also recording an album (provisional title "Banksfoot") to be completed during 2008. Dave has also recently begun scheduling solo acoustic performances in St Martin and Continental Europe.He hopes to expand these performances in parallel with band gigs. Dave will begin recording a first "Unplugged" album in the autumn of 2008. Dave has signed his songs with the name LEO MOON ever since the beginning of his career.This name comes from his natal horoscope. He is more and more oriented to creating a different stage name for each distinct musical project..The Multiple-Personality Syndrome is far from finished!!!
Dave and the other band members: Philippe Deyzieux(Drums/BV's) and Dan Perry (Bass Guitar) are resident but never tied to the south of France in summer and the Caribbean in winter. They tend to tour extensively in the Spring and Autumn months for the moment mostly in Europe(UK, Germany,France,Netherlands),however the band would love to tour the USA in the hopefully not too distant future.


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