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Member - Mojave Heat Bomb (Band who writes own material)

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24 Nov 2008
07 Dec 2008


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Mojave Heat Bomb

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Mojave Heat Bomb was formed in 2005 from the fallout of the Northern Virginia band "C.O.B.C." and Hampton Roads' goup "Robot Agents." Tony Littles and Mark Holt met via the internet and have been a band ever since. The ever changing line up of bass guitarists and lead guitarists left the two very troubled and frustrated with not only local musicians, but the scene in general. "What scene?" Holt exclaims, which gave them the idea to be a duo. The music of Mojave Heat Bomb can best be described as Queens of the Stone Age meets Local H. The band comes from various parts of the country, Littles being from Memphis TN and Holt from Washington D.C. the two converged upon the Hampton Roads area in force wanting to express themselves musically while still keeping true to their roots of rock and roll. "I did drugs for the longest time" Holt says, " once I got clean I had all this energy and didn't know how to express it, I figured starting a rock band was a good start, so I posted adds all over the internet and that's where I found not just my band mate, but my best friend, Tony." The band is spontaneous to say the least, booking for them is no problem, however the two are currently working on their new album "Zwei." "We have at least six songs together, it may turn out just to be an EP for the moment because of money issues, but that's life, and it's still new materials," Holt says with a smirk. So there you have it, we haven't heard the last of Mojave Heat Bomb. The duo plans an east coast United States tour for the summer of 2009. After that, no one knows just what can and will become of the team.


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