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18 Feb 2009
05 Mar 2009


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iZMO: Rock
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Band Bio.

Well one day in November of 2007 BOBBO was at work talking to one of his Co-workers Big Dave Tacinelli who was a drummer, about starting a new all original rock band. So they decided to form the band. They decided to look for a female front person. They didn't have to look far. SLASHG!RL which is BOBBO's soulmate just happened to be an awesome singer/songwriter and guitarist was ask to join the band. Well she jumped at the chance. After all she just truly loved Big Dave as the Awesome person that he was,and of course BOBBO. They began writing songs but didn't have a bass player yet. Then one day BOBBO was searching adds on Craigslist for a Bass player and found MERLYN!!! He came for a try out, and within minutes the band decided he was perfect. A short time later Big Dave passed away from a sudden Illness and the band was left numb in disbelief. After some time they decided to look for a new drummer and keep MINDSCREAM alive for Big Dave. That's what he would have wanted.They asked long time friend of BOBBO's BAM BAM (PETE) to fill in for a while because he was already in a band at the time. He agreed to help out and enjoyed it so much he joined the band full time. From that point on the band started writing new songs and to this day are still pumping out new music.

The Band is currently from West Haven CT. It's members consist of.

Dajae Poole. (aka SlashG!rl) Lead Vocals,Guitar,Lyricist.

Bob Meyerholz. (aka BOBBO!) Lead Guitar.

Ellery McManus.(aka Merlyn!) Bass Guitar.

Peter Flynn. (aka Bam Bam!) Drums.