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15 Nov 2008
01 Jan 2019


Holiday Single Release
Greetings Everyone, Just a quick announcement that my holiday composition "MOONLIGHT here for more info

Special Memorial Day Sale on my albums
Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that CD BABY is doing a special Memorial Day here for more info

Music licensing for film, television and other media
To purchase Michaels music
Crowther Film & Media Music

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Michael Crowther

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Crowther Film And Media Music specializes in original music composition and audio for film, television, advertising, games, internet use and all multi-media productions. Selecting the right music is crucial to the success of any media project. Too often budget constraints hinder producers and media professionals from obtaining the perfect music to enhance their productions to the highest level. That’s where we come in! We provide a cost-effective, one-stop solution for all of your music needs. Our services include royalty-free music licensing from our catalog containing a wide variety of styles, lengths and moods, as well as custom scoring, all carefully crafted by award winning composer Michael Crowther. What sets us apart from other music services is that Michael handles every aspect of the project personally using the latest in audio recording technology. Therefore, there are no additional overhead costs for studio musicians, recording engineers or the expensive costs of studio time. We serve clients from all over the world from low budget indie projects to major broadcast productions, providing high-quality, broadcast-ready recordings on multiple digital formats.

Our list of clients includes NBC Sports, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS, Versus, Western Union, Inky Dinky Animation, Ceans Communication, Shelley Games and many more!

Thank you for considering us as your musical source. We look forward to helping you to reach the highest potential for your next project!