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Member - Mechanical Steering (Songwriter/Composer)

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22 Sep 2008
17 Nov 2008


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Mechanical Steering

iZMO: Electro
Sub iZMO: Downtempo

Mechanical Steering (earlier Head) was born in Konin, Poland, in 1981.
He started with electronic music in 1999. From then on, he met many different inspiration sources, which still have great results on what he does.
However, all the albums have something common... A characteristic music with heavy sounding, city atmospheres, machines, and people, often connected with soft, calm, and melancholic sounds, although he is still building his own style.
Looking on his achievements, since the first amateurish album "Fabrique" to the last one, we can observe how fast he's improving his abilities with music and how it becomes more and more mature, uses more interesting sounds and its surrounding effect increases too.

Apart from that, he made a project called Lustro (from Polish, Mirror), and he played in many different bands which always wanted to find something more and new, they looked for new solutions without looking up to the typical Polish rock music bands.

First professional album - Neutrality is compilation of 8 hard and dark ambient songs, which will show exactly what Mechanical Steering (as Head) has been composing for over 8 years of career.

The two of his albums “Neutrality” and “10.10pm” were published as Head.
"10.10pm" it is the last album which was presented on Head name.
Now all albums and singles will be published as Mechanical Steering

Moreover, his interesting personality connected with his interesting outlook and view of the world, his sensitive side and his open-mindedness for new ideas and new collaborations.


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