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Member - MC Tempo (Band who writes own material)

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27 Apr 2009
28 Apr 2009


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MC Tempo

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO:

MC Tempo is an international performing Christian Hip Hop artist. Writting from thee age of 12 and performing from thee age of 15, also dubbed "Gods answer to Eminem" by Hip Hop Connection Magazine.

He has worked with the likes of radio 1's Tim Westwood, Killer Kella & So Solid Crew on the secular scene, right through to Phatfish, LZ7, Yfriday & The Band With No Name on the Christian circuit.

Previously an atheist, he became a Christian in 2001 after being mirraculously healed of deafness when prayed for in the name of Jesus and his music inevitably followed suit.

He now performs worldwide to both seculer & Christian audience's in clubs, schools, church's, prisons, warehouses, rave partys, festivals etc to crowds in excess of 10,000 people.

Holding an unofficial 24 hour freestyle world record and having performed on the main stages at venues such as The Brighton Center through to The Bath & West Showground, he sustains a high profile of public performances.

Recently back from his tour in South Africa, his heart as an evangelist continues to boom for the lost while he works on his 5th album. He has had previous releases with both ICC records as well as his own label.

His multiple style varies from Hardcore Hip Hop through to Love songs, Worship through to Jump up, as well as having written & recorded Drum & Bass & Dance tracks in his arsenal.

His music has been played on radio & TV and is available through Virgin Megastores, iTUNES etc.

His highly energetic performance leaves crowds stunned, while thee unbeliver can view Christianity from a different prespective. LIVE shows consist of a scratch DJ, Beat Boxer, ground shaking drummer, Synchronized head spinning break dancers & backing vocalist's. His arsenal of tracks consist to cover all genres of urban music. Please note each LIVE performance is tailored to the context of the individual event.

As well as perform, he is also able to host events with a standard of excellence. Engaging and interacting with any crowd via his renowned 'freestyle' antic's before introducing artists, he is able to build a hyper vibe and get any crowd screaming.

For more info/bookings etc please contact or 0044 (0)7881 878356


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