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Member - MC aka Microphone Criminal (Band who writes own material)

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17 Jan 2009
17 Jan 2009


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MC aka Microphone Criminal

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Pop Rap

MC started rapping in May 2000 with his high school buddy Supreme. He was given the rap name
“Mad Crazy” describing the wild and animated style that he used at that time. Not long after getting into
writing verses he created his alter-ego “MC tha kold killa” which was his more serious side for certain
At the time “MC” was just the initials of Mad Crazy. Early 2001 MC began working on his first release which would become the cassette ep titled “This is a warning, Im seriously crazy!”
One year later MC dropped another tape called “The hot water Collaboration lp” released in June
2002. Also that same year MC also put out three back-to-back albums with fellow rapper Supreme, under
the team name 2Bad, plus his third solo entitled “1440 sec. in the game.” In 2003 MC didn’t put out any new music as he was preparing to work on future 2Bad lps. However, since another team effort never
materialized he dropped “Unreleased 1-16 vol. 1” in April ‘04.
After this album was released MC really started getting more serious, dropping his fifth and final tape called “U V Rays” in February 2005. That same year MC created “Mic Supremacy!! Records” and began working on his first studio album self-titled “MC, Microphone Criminal 4 short!”
This cd came out on June 27, 2006 and was available for free to promote his new label. September of that same year he opened a Myspace page ( that has seen much success. On June 26, 2007 he put out his second cd “Mic Supremacy!! Tha mixtape” follow by “Language
ARTZ” exactly one year later. MC is currently working on his album “The 1 and Only“ with a strong following and hot producers on his side.
Currently MC is in the top 35 on the hip/hop charts. So far hes peaked at #26
and the url is As of Nov. 16 MC has hit 4,440 plays in about 6 weeks and the myspace has exceeded 8,000 plays and 11,000 veiws!!


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