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Member - Mary and The Black Lamb (Band who writes own material)

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01 Jan 2009
10 Apr 2010


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Mary and The Black Lamb

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

A duet unlike any other had not felt alone when forming Mary and The Black Lamb in the autumn of 2007. Being the strangest combination of people, yet not strayed in musical taste, a common ground was found that had forged the beginning of a musical journey Ontario has not yet seen. A tiny girl with a big voice, Lindz Riot found that Nixon Cutz's dark, yet odd ideas were inspiring and honest about them as people and as artists. The dream began with their first album "As The City Sleeps" which became the soundtrack to their lives stories. The album takes the listener through the vague and ignored side of love, friendship, disappointment, and denial, but also shows hope in embracing what we truly are as human beings. "We really wanted to show people that they shouldn't drown themselves in hate and sorrow, because we all make mistakes and carry on. I think were the example of taking on the harsher side of our emotions and turning it into something worth while." says Lindz Riot just before the album was released on February 28th 2009. The duet had finally found its missing pieces in bassist Jordan Caverly, pianist Matt Kelly, and drummer Scott Brindley. From duet to quintet, the theatrical stage performance is only growing bigger. "The story has barely begun for this tragic twist on a nursery rhyme." explains Nixon Cutz, "We grew up feeling like the black sheep with our families, friends, and past musical projects, but now were not alone anymore."
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