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03 Feb 2009
04 Feb 2009


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Martin Weller

iZMO: Pop
Sub iZMO: Power Pop

Introducing professional singer, musician and award winning songwriter


A passion for music sees Weller perform around 100 shows a year building a reputation as a dynamic solo artist.

His qualities: passionate vocals, powerful electric and soulful acoustic guitars are demonstrated clearly on his recordings including latest CD ‘Quiddity’ and hit singles ‘Crush’ and ‘Meaning of life’, but to hear and see him at his best you have to experience him 'live' – no backing tapes!

An accomplished solo singer/guitarist, award winning songwriter and acclaimed recording artist, Weller also enjoys success with top bands: power pop trio CRUSH UK and pop/punk outfit BobKatZ.

Martin has performed with some of the best in the business: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Peter Frampton, Dean Friedman, Chris Slade, Huw Lloyd Langton, Frampton Weller, Counterfeit Stones, T-Rextasy, Wizz Jones, Benny Gallagher, Lucie Diamond, Isaac Guillory, Clive Gregson, Leanie Kaleido, Skinny Molly & more, and confidently offers the best in professional live music entertainment.

His set includes his excellent compositions as well as contemporary classic rock and pop music for the discerning music fan - including songs by Kinks, Bowie, Jam, Turtles, Tom Robinson, Brian Protheroe, Beatles and more - requests are always welcome of course ;)

A charismatic performer Martin says his biggest kick is “keeping an audience entertained”.