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Member - Maniak The High Priest (Songwriter/Composer)

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06 Dec 2008
25 Jun 2010


Bring It To The Stage - Season 2
This is just to let you know that the second season of " Bring It To The Stage " has been even here for more info

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Maniak The High Priest

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Southern/Dirty South

Born Corey Coleman of Chattanooga, TN, Maniak has always been drawn to music. He began playing the piano before he could talk. Eventually he learned to play an ensemble of instruments including the saxophone, violin, flute and the trumpet. Unfortunately Maniak was also drawn to the life of a hustler from a very young age. It wasn’t until after going to prison in 2000 that Maniak reconnected with his musical side, this time in the form of writing. After Maniak was released from prison in 2004 he recorded his first song, “Growing Up” which became a number one single on his debut album “Wrong Side of the Tracks” released in 2008.
Maniak began producing in 2006 and has since become an unstoppable force in the underground music industry. Maniak has performed at the Fireside Lounge in Hixson, TN, where he hosts “Bring it to the Stage” seasons 1 and 2. He has also performed at J&J Lounge in Chattanooga, TN and Starlite Lounge in Tullahoma, TN. Maniak has also produced several music videos for himself as well as other artists. Maniak is also the founder and President of Mad City Musik, an Artist and Event Promotion Company.
Maniak is quick to point out, “The main goal of my career is to bring attention to the enormous amount of talent in the underground music industry.” His newest CD does just that by featuring talent from all over the South, Midwest and East Coast. The self proclaimed high priest of underground rap has raised the bar with the release of his sophomore album “Born and Raised/Live and Die.” The CD, based largely on real-life experiences, carries a message of perseverance through struggle. Maniak showcases his range as a writer and producer with Hip Hop tracks like “Your Body” and “Sit Right Back” and a Rock track called “Get Crunk.” He also features several gangsta rap tracks including “Nothing To Me”, which climbed as high as number 12 on the Ourstage music charts. For Booking Contact or call 423-475-5022.


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