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Member - Mandi Leachman (Singer/Songwriter)

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04 Aug 2009
18 Jun 2013


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Mandi Leachman

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Pop Rock

Singer/Songwriter originating from Maryland. I have been singing since I was a little girl! Started out singing for weddings and anniversaries at a very young age. Sang for many different events like the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial, and the National Anthem for many different sporting events. Pretty proficient in all types of genres of music and found love for music and been pursuing it ever since. I have been in the studio since I was 15 years old, and singing and recording is my life. Recorded a Pop/R&B cd in New York City, under the name Beat-nik hood where I got to record at the most famous studios in NYC like THE HIT FACTORY, CHUNG KING STUDIOS and UNIQUE in TIMES SQUARE. In 2005, Got voted number 1 song for 4 weeks in a row on NEXT BIG HIT and did an exclusive radio interview, to promote one of my singles which you can find on the podcast on ITUNES. I recieved other radio play in places like Nebraska and Oklahoma. I left New York City in October, 2006 and decided to take a different direction in music all together and be a solo artist. I have released the first Album "BREAKTHROUGH"after teaming up with MATT MORGAN at SIT-N-SPIN STUDIOS who is the master of musical direction and production. I am currently working on the second album which I hope to have released in the fall. I have been in the industry for a while now and my music is inspired by good and bad experiences and the melodies and words are my own. Its a little bit pop, with a soft melodic sound, some darkness and a little bit of rock thrown in the mix. My real accomplishment is for people to love and be able to identify with my music. If you want real then you have it, just take a listen! You can also check out my music or buy my album at


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