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09 Nov 2008
09 Nov 2008


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Luthea Salom's official website

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Luthea Salom

iZMO: Folk
Sub iZMO: Folk Rock

“Fresh 21st century introspective pop with panache”.
Steven Stone, Vintage Guitar Player

Everybody’s talking about Luthea Salom, the singer/songwriter from Spain and Canada who is emerging in the International Music Market like a lightning bolt cutting across the calm Mediterranean Sea. Her present CD/Album release entitled “Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter” is vibrating the international airwaves in the Singer/Songwriter, and Popular formats. Luthea’s crossover style is one that most artists try to, but never can achieve.

Luthea Salom is no newcomer to international performance. Her fans have been able to track her shows worldwide. She performs extensively all over Spain, Portugal, the UK, France and the rest of Europe, as well in the United States. Luthea lives in New York City and she is a well known fixture in the downtown club scene, performing in many hot spots around the City.

“JM”, of Rolling Stone Magazine wrote “Luthea stands out from her peers” in his review of “Out of Without” which was produced by Grammy award winning producer, Malcolm Burn in 2002. “Out of Without” will be re-released in 2009 with Luthea’s original demo recordings that attracted Malcolm Burn’s attention, included as bonus tracks.

“Luthea’s style is called Luthea… Very original!!”
Emmylou Harris

Luthea’s second album release, “Sunbeam Surrounded by Winter” and her bohemian flair has led her to the ears of many influential artists and she was invited to perform as an opening act for Alanis Morissette, Nils Lofgren, Dan Bern, Norah Jones and Emmylou Harris.

“Luthea’s songs are in my iTunes”
Lou Reed

She has performed and toured extensively through North America and Europe capturing the media’s attention wherever she’s been.

“It’s this combination of evocative melodies and thoughtful words
what makes this artist’s universe so shockingly refreshing!” –

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Redwood Entertainment, Inc.
Tel: 212 543-9998