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iZMO: Rock
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Homer AK - Alaskan based folk rock musician Shawn Zuke and renowned jazz/funk/soul bassist Milo Matthews have come together to co-create an inspired musical vision that transcends traditional boundaries, bringing forth an all original blend of hypnotic and powerful music for the soul. Described as folkadelic, funky, and rockin’, with an acoustic ascendancy, filling the body with vibrations of joy and connection to spirit. LoveLifeMusic creates their unique offering in the sacred moment, collaborating melodies, rhythms, and harmonies infused with a musical message of unity, inner peace, healing, and honoring the planet.

Based out of Anchorage, together Shawn and Milo created LoveLifeMusic; a music label, production company, along with the band name that’s mission is to honor the divine in each other and as well as all of their listeners. They feel that if people surround themselves with positive and peaceful messages of hope, love, and unity, this influence will affect their inner environment, drawing more love and light into their thoughts and lives, causing them to live and act in a way that’s best for them and everyone who they come into contact with.

Shawn Zuke released her first solo album, “Of The Light,” in 2002. She has since toured and performed with the Lush Butterflies, Earthshine, Melissa Mitchell, Freemaddonas, whose tours brought her to Washington, California, Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, and of course her native Alaska. Her second album, Still, Free, and Clear, is soon to be released. Other musical projects she is involved in are the Freemaddonas, to include Eve Terrana and Caryn Simmons, Love Life Music, and a compilation album her and Milo are producing called the Alaskan Women Singer/Songwriters for Inner Peace.

Milo Matthews began his music career as a busker in the subways of Boston, Massachusetts. Well-known for his mastery of the electric bass, Milo has performed with several bands, including the Danny Godinez Band and Salem, both of which have garnered a faithful following throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Milo is currently the subject of a documentary titled Milo aka: Street Musician by New England Film Productions, which was released in the spring of 2006. Milo has released several solo albums, most recently “Milo,” and is soon to release his sixth solo album, “Miles of Eva.”

Shawn and Milo combine their mastery of several instruments to include guitar, flute, didgereedu, bass, and drums, with that of other fine local musicians to form an auditory and visual performance that is perpetually evolving. With Love Life Music, the only constant in this ever-changing music project is that the audience is guaranteed to leave with a sense of fulfillment and a happy dancing heart.

LoveLifeMusic celebrates their highly anticipated newly released debut CD which features eleven conscious stimulating songs sending the listener on a journey flowing from rock to jazz to reggae to funk to meditation trance. The new CD is currently getting airplay in Alaska and California and LLM Productions has plans for a full radio campaign to kick off the new year. The CD is available through CD Baby, Digstation, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Amazon MP3.

Would you believe if I told you that you can get the best in that music has to offer, out of Alaska and from one group? You better believe it. If you could transform pure talent into music, it would be LoveLifeMusic. The original sounds that are created come from these two individuals – Milo and Shawn, are nothing less than spectacular. They are very creative, such as in the single, “Mystic Blue”, utilizing the sound of the ocean and seagulls in absolute perfection. Yet, the electronics and vocals in this song, capture a sound of hard passion. You truly need to listen to it, as each individual has their own interpretation. Be sure to check out “Planet Janet”. The entire single is an instrumental which was perfectly composed and played.

This CD is pure joy with a injection of rock and jazz with an attitude. Really great music, with multiple layers of pure skill and plenty of funk! And the skills of these musicians are outstanding! To name one particular single as a lead is not giving the CD the justice that it deserves. Each song was written, recorded, and performed in absolute top form. The album is self-titled – LoveLifeMusic. It was released digitally and physically in 2008. They are also touring Alaska this summer and will be coming to the main land (west coast) focusing on the science of the mind spiritual centers. If it were up to me, they wouldn’t be going back to Alaska until they played music in every state of our union. They are the best representation of musicians that I’ve ever heard. But, hey, don’t believe me. Listen for yourself. Go to or For more information on LoveLifeMusic, visit

“LoveLifeMusic celebrates the free flowing musical groove of a warm Alaskan outdoor festival.
I think the new release captures Milo’s rhythms and Shawn’s peaceful expressions in a
well produced harmony.” Loren Dixon, KNBA 90.3 fm

“The album indeed is a positive reflection of the ways in which the duo sees the world. At the same time, it is musically diverse, yet consistent in its flow.” Katie Emerick, Homer Tribune

“Love, Life, and Music really reflects the spritual journey Shawn and Milo embarked on as a couple and musical duo. I'm so glad they are finally sharing it with the world at large!!” Melissa Mitchell, Singer/Songwriter

"LoveLifeMusic's new CD is a raw Alaskan underived expression. Shawn's original lyrics somehow reflect my own life and I know and feel they touch the hearts of so many others. Milo's rhythms seem to stick with you for days. I find myself tapping my hands or feet to the beat of this amazing new release and sing their songs out loud even after the music stops." Michael Francis, Ancient Solution Fusions

“This music has a flow and a purity that results from an original blending of styles!”


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