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27 Dec 2008
14 Nov 2009


RIP Michael we will miss you
A Shout out to the King of Pop RIP Michael Jacksonclick here for more info

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Loaded Gunnzz & I-9

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Midwest Hip Hop

Trisstin Griffin

Vision Statement:

As visionaries in the world of entertainment we are here to reconstruct, redefine, and rebuild the music industry. Here at Fully Loaded Inc, our vision is to develop young gifted acts into prominent and knowledgeable business partners in the music industry. Functioning as a strong business team, we will grow and push each other to the full potential of this record label. It is also our desire to develop more crossover genres influencing and inspiring the music industry. Combining Hip-Hop and R&B bridges a gap of Rap and R& B music. My desire is to produce music for crossover artist(s) such as, 50 cent and Drake.

Mission Statement:

By creating and Imaging his own road to success, Fully Loaded Inc. (FLI) showing that new grounding movement. Fully Loaded Inc presents a new image & look towards the entertainment game & Industry. As visionaries in the entertainment game we are here to reconstruct the music industry. While currently located in the state of Alabama we are touched by different musical backgrounds from surrounding areas. Alabama is the melting pot for the music industry, so with this being said we will do everything possible to take this mission every where coast to coast and in between……..


Every so often God blesses artists that comes along who can not only hold their own with the current sound, but can take that sound to a completely different level all on their own. The artists with this power are a rare breed, and in a time when lack of creativity dulls our genre, Fully Loaded Inc light shines brighter than ever Trisstin Griffin, a.k.a. Loadedgunnzz , possesses that power to push the entire genre into a higher level.
Loadedgunnzz was born in Chicago IL in 1985. Loadedgunnzz Started honing his skills as a rapper at the age of 7. At a young age, he would find himself in a lot of corner rap battles. With the persuasion & strive of his own heart, and some important figures in his life, he turned to music. He developed a love for it at a young age and decided it was a great way to keep my mind busy and focused.

As things progressed in life and Trisstin got older, He knew music was a career that he would one day want to see himself in. In his later teens he began making music on his own from Rap to Pop to R&B. Unable to find other producers to furnish his vocals, he took it upon myself, with his training and natural talent, to produce his own music. Through the years he has developed musical knowledge and experience which spawned into the creation of his own production company Fully Loaded Inc.

By this time he had already developed a strong style and achieved a professional sound. Once Fully Loaded Inc was established, his first step to my ultimate goal was to create a website that provided a place for hungry rappers to get free understanding of what music really is.