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Member - Lee Howard (Singer/Songwriter)

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I am a fan

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06 May 2009
23 Jun 2013


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Lee Howard

iZMO: Pop
Sub iZMO: Rock

Some song comments.

• One word – Fantastic
• Very skilfully put together, Great song
• The guitar solo is lovely, sits and suits wonderfully and performed beautifully.
• Brilliant song

• Great tune. I'd give it a 9 (out of 10). Excellent!
• Brilliant - sounds good. Your song is alive and kicking since its release from captivity as I downloaded the track and have been singing and playing it on acoustic guitar.
• Great song. Love the music and melody. For me its if it stays in your head and this one did.
• for me it's defintely one of those songs that has a subtlety about it that requires you to listen more than once to get hooked in but once you're hooked - you're hooked!

• Well put together, dude...!!! An epic tune... Awesome composition...!!!
• "Rekindle" is a very cool track.. Love the chord progression and the guitar work. Great tune!
• Very beautiful slide guitar solo. I like the other worldly sounds just within hearing that seem to whisper away in the background.
• this is an enticing song, really good lyrics

I don’t consciously stick to any particular style when I write songs although they invariably end up sounding like a mixture of the artists I’m influenced by. I’m always listening for something that moves me and makes me feel something. I then try to develop the song by incorporating as many unique and original ideas as I can. Because of this, I have great difficulty when trying to put my music into categories; is it pop rock, rock, alternative, progressive,…. If you have any suggestions for appropriate genres, I would appreciate your help.
A little information about me. I started out playing guitar in various bands about 20 years ago. A number of those years were spent continuously gigging and unsuccessfully trying to attract the attention of some record companies. After a break from music, in which I got a proper job, got married and had children, I bought myself a PC and some recording equipment. I immediately found a passion for writing and recording songs and you can listen to the results on here.


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